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Hi I’m Rick Shiels, welcome to my channel RickShielsPGAGolf. This SE-one channel is designed to help you play better golf, also to help you enjoy your golf more!

I specialise in golf club reviews, golf club unboxing, golf club news, golf club head to heads, and all about golf clubs.

I also want to make you play better golf by providing coaching video on all topics about golf, how to fix your slice, fix your hook, help you drive the golf ball longer, hit your irons more pure, hit your irons closer to the hole and help you draw and fade your golf shots.
I will also help you lower your score by chipping better by stopping you duff and thin chips, pitch the ball closer and also create backspin. Also I will provide you help to putt better and hole more putts!

On this channel I also make fun and entertaining golf content based on crazy and sometimes “gimmicky” golf clubs. I like to cut through the marketing hype about products and I like to give you the honest truth about golf equipment.

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  1. Rick Shiels Golf

    Rick Shiels Golf

    Månad sedan

    Please SHARE with friends who may be struggling to break 100! Simple tips that I really believe can help! 🙏

    • Konsta Mattsson

      Konsta Mattsson

      18 dagar sedan

      @SkippyHatesMe I've broken 70 since (in a competition) with a 68 from the tips

    • SkippyHatesMe


      18 dagar sedan

      @Konsta Mattsson Learn how to putt.

    • Colin Khan

      Colin Khan

      19 dagar sedan

      Rick, you did a video a little while ago on three things you can do to play your best golf. I've always shot in the high 90s, with the odd game right at 90 or the odd one at 100. After watching that video and staying relaxed, not tensing up, and breathing through the shots, I shot a 42 on nine holes! By far the best score I've ever had! Your tips and method of teaching are spot-on and my game is steadily improving because if it! Thanks for these lessons, keep them coming!

    • Alex Leutz

      Alex Leutz

      Månad sedan

      Bombtech wedges review

    • Tom Tenant

      Tom Tenant

      Månad sedan

      I'm a different how to consistently break 100 group. I can get a lot of pars and a lot of bogeys. But guaranteed to have 2 blowup holes. It's a mental issue with me

  2. Matthew Kingsmill

    Matthew Kingsmill

    2 timmar sedan

    Is there anything really important on this episode??

  3. マーティン


    3 dagar sedan

    It really depends on the day as to how well I play. Sometimes I play better than Bogey golf, other times I play near double bogey. I don't have much consistency

  4. bg se

    bg se

    4 dagar sedan

    The future futuristic beaver numerically scribble because pin immunohistologically cheer mid a safe wrench. probable, recondite appliance

  5. ConRon


    6 dagar sedan

    One of the toughest parts is knowing how far you hit each club when you're new and inconsistent

  6. Jack


    7 dagar sedan

    my driver goes high and has a consistent draw, so i would use the 3 wood off the tee on that par 4 because i know i hit it straight consistently and thatll keep me away from the trees.

  7. Clarence Tennis

    Clarence Tennis

    7 dagar sedan

    Several years ago I consistently shot 100s. Entered a match play, and shot an 80!! I have never done that since. Obviously, my name from then on, was "Sandbag."

  8. Davidclark081


    11 dagar sedan

    I break 100 every game............just in the wrong direction

  9. Cort G

    Cort G

    13 dagar sedan

    Such a forgiving tone, hearing it’s okay makes me believe it is ok. Golfing Sunday (9/12/21) I’ll update what I got, last time (albeit my second time ever playing was a 133) I’m hoping for low 100’s

    • Cort G

      Cort G

      9 dagar sedan

      @Davidclark081 played scramble with some buddies, had some good shots but a lot more bad. Still need to work on my driver and more focus on irons. Got 17 over but would’ve been well in the hundreds without scramble

    • Davidclark081


      11 dagar sedan

      My 3 game ever is on that date and I pretty much have been doubling the pars, but have been watching these videos and practising around the yard in the hope I can finally start to have a few nice ones, hope you have a great game and good luck

  10. Brian Huhtala

    Brian Huhtala

    17 dagar sedan

    I'm pretty reliably around 105. Maybe I'll try a round without using my woods, since I rarely hit those straight.

  11. Francis Voyer

    Francis Voyer

    17 dagar sedan

    Guys I finally broke 100 last week end and did it again yesterday, I'm so stoked!!!

  12. Alejandro Fernandez

    Alejandro Fernandez

    18 dagar sedan

    ye ye, i think i need a how to break 200 first

  13. Mike Cadney

    Mike Cadney

    20 dagar sedan

    Another very helpful video, thanks Rick.

  14. Neil Evans

    Neil Evans

    21 dag sedan

    Another excellent video. Just waiting now for when need to start studying the how to break 90 one.

  15. Triatleta Brasileiro-USA

    Triatleta Brasileiro-USA

    21 dag sedan

    have to come back to this video today to give a thanks to @Rick Shiels Golf ! broke a 100 today!

  16. malc vid

    malc vid

    22 dagar sedan

    No snowmen allowed!

  17. bill Hull

    bill Hull

    23 dagar sedan

    My bestfriend and I keep 2 scores when we are golfing. When we are golfing at the end of the hole we give 2 numbers. Those number could be 7 & 2, 6 & 3 etc. The first number is the total shots for the hole. The 2nd number is the number of putts. This way at the end of the round we can divide the game into 2 sections. We can see the total number of shots but then we also know how many of those shots were putts. There have been some holes were the score is 4 & 0. I holed the cup on the approach shot!!! We also tried the Pulara straight golf balls and we were not thrilled with them.

  18. Brandon Perry

    Brandon Perry

    23 dagar sedan

    Since i started watching Rick Shiels Golf this summer, ive brought my scores from low 100s to late 80s-early 90s. Much appreciated Rick!

  19. maero


    24 dagar sedan

    I usually hit a 4 iron instead of driver cause I slice my driver a bit but hit my 4 iron straight and around 210 yards and play from there, have only played one 18 hole course and shot 108, going to play another one Tuesday and hopefully break 100!

  20. Oliver Clanin

    Oliver Clanin

    24 dagar sedan

    I just broke 90 the other day😤

  21. Andrew Aitken

    Andrew Aitken

    24 dagar sedan

    I desperately wanted to break 100. Used your tips yesterday, kept the big numbers off my card. 2 birdies and 4 pars later (we won’t talk about the other holes) and I broke 90! Hit 89. Cheers mate

  22. Alex The Great!

    Alex The Great!

    27 dagar sedan

    Thanks for advice

  23. larry harkreader

    larry harkreader

    28 dagar sedan

    Mentally it is so tough to play smart and have it bite you. What this video says is 100% right...but be ready for a gotcha

  24. proudtobeblue


    28 dagar sedan

    Simple tips! Love it! No i just need to know how to calm myself when i mess up a hole......always carry it over for the next few holes

  25. Justin Sloan

    Justin Sloan

    28 dagar sedan

    another tip is go out more, and take your time on every single putt and every single shot

  26. John Nevarez

    John Nevarez

    29 dagar sedan

    Imagine not breaking 200 🤡🤡🤡🤡

  27. Stuart English

    Stuart English

    29 dagar sedan

    On the first tip is it viable to use a chipper?

  28. True NorthFan78

    True NorthFan78

    Månad sedan

    Such great tips, Rick! My biggest take away was the first one. I usually try to use my 60 degree Vokey but end up either hitting it off the green or flopping it 2 feet in front of me but this weekend I played more conservative and used a 9 iron and set myself up nicely. I also didn't use my 3 wood or hybrid, instead I used my 4 and 5 iron and kept it in the fairway. I only play maybe 10 games a season so playing smarter is the better way to go and enjoy this game we all love. Cheers!

  29. Darceys_Dad


    Månad sedan

    I will get pars and birdies but I always have one blow up hole every round and kills my score. Broke 90 once and I leave so many shots out there 😭😭

  30. luker mart

    luker mart

    Månad sedan

    i normally shoot 120 and after watching this shot 102

  31. James Copeland

    James Copeland

    Månad sedan

    Awesome video again Rick, I'm going for my first sub 100 on Thursday and these tips really help

  32. Laura Gliebe

    Laura Gliebe

    Månad sedan

    Not breaking 100, but I just broke 50 on 9 holes for the first time yesterday. Thanks, Rick! ^_^

  33. Steve Green

    Steve Green

    Månad sedan

    Played yesterday and my first 3 shots on the 1st hole were down the wrong fairway. 60 front 9, 50 back nine. Funny old game.

  34. Tony Glasser

    Tony Glasser

    Månad sedan

    One of the best videos for my abilities. One other tip that helped was to move up to a closer tee box.

  35. Dan L

    Dan L

    Månad sedan

    Rick been kinda pissing anyone else off recently. Before he seemed chill and cool. But after watching him play with other people and interacting with them, he seems dry and boastful in a weird way recently. Hard to explain but idk he just gives a different vibe now

  36. MrRomo80


    Månad sedan

    Soooooo... I watched this video last week. Took notes and decided to give it a shot and WOW! what a difference went from normally shooting 110 plus to a freaking 90 yesterday just making a few changes in this video. The most important one for me was playing the harder holes as a par 6. Instead of trying to hit hero shots I played shorter irons and ended with bogey almost every time. Best I've played in a while!

  37. leadier


    Månad sedan

    Jesus gonna have to tell my wife am leaving her. In love with this mans way of talking and encouragement. Al be doon in an hour rickie boy

  38. Harry Lamb

    Harry Lamb

    Månad sedan

    Another way to get closer to shooting sub-100…go to a par 69 course, not a 72. It’s a thinking person’s game this

  39. MV Rosie

    MV Rosie

    Månad sedan

    Please make one on breaking 80. I always hit round 85 or so. Maybe a best of 77

  40. Eranjan


    Månad sedan

    hehehe the first time I've seen you in shorts 🤣🤣

  41. Billdozer Experience

    Billdozer Experience

    Månad sedan

    Did Rick pay @golfsidkick for stealing his gimmick???

  42. Kyle Teagarden

    Kyle Teagarden

    Månad sedan

    Finally broke 100 last weekend! Shot a 93. My friends were giving me funny looks for putting from off the green, but hey i beat em so it worked!

  43. Matthew King

    Matthew King

    Månad sedan

    This is a great video - like Golf Sidekick's Way of The Playa whiteboard series taken out on course. Would love to see a video of Rick caddying for a 110-115 shooter and see if he can't help them get under with these tips.

  44. fairchildcreek


    Månad sedan

    I have found that cheating is actually the easiest way to break 100....I even broke 80 once with that technique.

  45. Austin Rettig

    Austin Rettig

    Månad sedan

    Thanks to you Rick i broke 80 for the first time and will be working much harder to break 75

  46. Tommymaggot1


    Månad sedan

    Playing 3 months and used these tips and shot 104 on the round after this video (Personal Best) then 98 two rounds after !! Favourite is the 1st tip the bump and run with the with the 8 iron insted of using the pw, Thanks a mill Rick :)

  47. Brandon Look

    Brandon Look

    Månad sedan

    This is awesome! As a beginner, I’ve been practicing primarily with irons to get a good grasp on my swing, making contact and hitting the ball as straight as possible. I feel if I can become a great iron player, I’ll be able to be successful without yet needing to master the driver. Excited to get on a golf course!

  48. guibox3


    Månad sedan

    "That's not bad. You're certainly not four putting from there." Oh, you'd be surprised...

    • Elliott Clarke

      Elliott Clarke

      Månad sedan

      I always take the final putt, for the same reason. That 1-2ft is NOT ‘a given’ in my game!

  49. Ste


    Månad sedan

    Great vid as always. Can somebody explain please why a PW was selected and not an 8i bump and run please. And what factors would determine choosing a PW or 8i. As they both look like the same shot. Thank you

  50. DAN Tu

    DAN Tu

    Månad sedan

    My average is 105-115 My goal is to break 100 tomorrow. I’ll check in on Sunday.

  51. Isaac Hardwick

    Isaac Hardwick

    Månad sedan

    Just broke 100 today for the first time!

  52. T Lockwood

    T Lockwood

    Månad sedan

    All it it takes is a couple of thousands of holes and you'll be better. LOL.

  53. T Lockwood

    T Lockwood

    Månad sedan

    Dude, this was the greatest PW school ever! Thank you!!

  54. Joseph Hughes

    Joseph Hughes

    Månad sedan

    This is an absolutely eye opening video thank you so much!

  55. copperk41


    Månad sedan

    Thanks rick

  56. Ronald Reagan was the best Reagan

    Ronald Reagan was the best Reagan

    Månad sedan

    Love you Rick and want to meet and greet and play 18 with you

  57. Paul G

    Paul G

    Månad sedan

    I would love to see a video like this with Rick teaching a high handicapper how to do this

  58. Ken Kelley

    Ken Kelley

    Månad sedan

    Number one don't fall in love with your sand wedge brilliant!

  59. Brett Hadden

    Brett Hadden

    Månad sedan

    Ricky I'm playing golf tomorrow with my son at dunheved golf course n.s.w. Australia. He is a handy golfer but with this knowledge I'll hopefully get the mustard

  60. Jaymes Cole

    Jaymes Cole

    Månad sedan

    Played with my dad the other day. He used a 7 iron to bump onto the green pretty much every hole. Only pulled out a true wedge when in the bunker once. He hit an 82 on a par 70 while I hit a 101 and was out driving him on most of the holes. The biggest change that I made since then was your very first tip. Not going for the prettiest shot. However you have to get it on the green in the least amount of shots, do it. I’ve teed up my 5 iron (my longest iron) more than I’ve teed up my driver in the last few sessions

  61. Ronald Fejeran

    Ronald Fejeran

    Månad sedan

    This worked for me last weekend. Many thanks! Watching and a subscriber from the island of Guam

  62. DT3 Drizzle

    DT3 Drizzle

    Månad sedan

    I started 3 months ago and shot 91

  63. D P

    D P

    Månad sedan

    I found an even MORE stress-free way to break 100. I simply subtract 1 stroke from my actual score on each hole and like MAGIC my score dips below 100!

  64. Deklan Dey

    Deklan Dey

    Månad sedan

    Desperately needed as a 27.8 handicap junior

  65. Zane Gray

    Zane Gray

    Månad sedan

    Rick: So you’ve clicked on this video because you want to break 100 Me: Nope, I shot an 80 today and just love watching your videos

  66. Adam Heaslip

    Adam Heaslip

    Månad sedan

    Rick put a coward

  67. Lance Otis

    Lance Otis

    Månad sedan

    Rick I want to thank you! After watching your videos I FINALLY broke 100!! I was a guy who hit normally in the 120s to 130s with the occasional 112-115 line until I watched a few of your videos (including this one) and the next day I went on a golf trip to PA with some friends, and I broke 100!!! They were all so impressed and I told them it was all thanks to your videos! Keep them up and I’ll keep watching! Thank you Rick! -Lance

  68. BrianCoffman1970


    Månad sedan

    So I have not played golf since the 1990’s but recently decided to get back into it by playing with my 14 year old son. So I dust off my old Callaway’s and buy my son a used set of Wilson Irons and we are ready. Armed with the Rick Shiels video on how to break 100 we go to the old country club course in New Albany Indiana. In the clubhouse we see that pretty much every record at the course is held by former Masters and US Open winner Fuzzy Zoeler. This was the course he learned to play on. Our goal for 9 holes was to break 50. Fuzzy’s record for 18 was 62. We had a great time and I got a 52 while my son hit 54. When we get home my wife asks how we did and I say “Well we both beat Fuzzy’s course record.

  69. Nathan Dean

    Nathan Dean

    Månad sedan

    This is my second year golfing and your videos have helped me so much! I’ve only broken 100 twice now but still learning and love the game

  70. Andrew Swisher

    Andrew Swisher

    Månad sedan

    8:41 Me confidently getting my putter out of the bag.

  71. Alex Leutz

    Alex Leutz

    Månad sedan

    Bombtech wedge review

  72. Eric Isaac

    Eric Isaac

    Månad sedan

    Hi Rick, I previously watched your how to break 90 video and for the bump and run you suggested using an 8 iron. In this video, you suggested using a pitching wedge for the same shot. Which on is better?

  73. beers baron

    beers baron

    Månad sedan

    what about shot choices from around trees etc in the rough. video please

  74. No Shaio

    No Shaio

    Månad sedan

    Don't know why I am watching this I am 6 handicap, I just love your videos

  75. kameron dzuris

    kameron dzuris

    Månad sedan

    The biggest thing I realized for myself and people who shoot around 100 is we swing too hard. Our swings aren't great so just slow your swing down to get better control.

  76. Gary Brumley

    Gary Brumley

    Månad sedan

    This can be great advice for more than trying to break 100. Solid info that can get rid of strokes in my score. Well done, Rick!

  77. Cameron Galbraith

    Cameron Galbraith

    Månad sedan

    Great advice. Thanks Rick👌

  78. Frank McPolin

    Frank McPolin

    Månad sedan

    So one tip I would add is "leave yourself your favourite shot", for me thats 125yd full PW. On a 400yd par 4 tee work back from the green - the percentage play for me is 2 8 irons and a PW - NOT flukey driver followed by miracle 6 iron. I just need the self discipline to remember this more often!

  79. Oliver Saunders

    Oliver Saunders

    Månad sedan

    I broke 100for the first time yesterdya scoring ninety two hit every fairy other than one and hit the green all four times on althe oar 3s ecstatic

  80. TeezerDriz


    Månad sedan

    I nearly did it today. Carded 101, had 6 pars. 17th hole par 5 was murder.... 10 shots, topped drive, 3 iron into heavy rough, multiple swear words, into bunker, chip and 2 puts.

  81. Kevin Fowler

    Kevin Fowler

    Månad sedan

    As someone who is yet to break 100, I can comfortably say that these tips do very little to fix the main problem for players like myself - consistency. All the course strategy in the world does nothing to help when you're just as likely to duff a "safe" shot as you are a "hero" shot. That's not to say that strategy isn't part of the discipline of course. It just isn't going to help players until their percentages are high enough for any choices to have an impact. Case in point, I hit a 9 on a par 4 last week. Bogey plus two water balls. Water was just to my right after the tee shot. Went with the "hero" option first and chose a club that would reach the green with a 1 in 5 chance, with a 3 in 5 that it would scuff along only 50 yards or so, and a 1 in 5 that I'd horribly slice. Got the horrible slice and landed in the far end of the lake. Replaced the ball. Opted for the "safe" 8 iron. It's a 50/50 good or complete scuff. Scuffed it back into the lake. Went back to the hero, landed it to the side of the green, chipped and two putted to close it out. Sometimes it all comes together for a birdie, but usually the percentages play out such that I average a double bogey without going out of bounds or hitting a hazard. Sadly that hasn't improved in 3 years. What's kept me going is that the quality of my good shots has improved significantly. When the percentages finally increase I'll break 100. Before that happens though, no chance.

  82. Rich


    Månad sedan

    If you can't break 100 just quit lol

  83. Tom Trainor

    Tom Trainor

    Månad sedan

    Rick, I watched your Break 100 and your Break 90 videos last night and took them to the course today. I’m a 23 handicap per my golf app(usually shoot mid to high 90s). I played at a course called 5 Ponds, just outside of Philadelphia and I shot my best round ever…. 86!!!! a weird split 36/50 but, I’ll take it. Thanks

  84. Tiaan Uys

    Tiaan Uys

    Månad sedan

    Way of the Playa in full swing, great stuff 😌

  85. Alistair Gordon

    Alistair Gordon

    Månad sedan

    The video I should have had available 10 years ago. Great tips.

  86. Chris Henry

    Chris Henry

    Månad sedan

    I’ve seen three different videos on your channel showing bump and run with three different clubs… hybrid, 8 iron, and now PW. How do you decide which one to use?

  87. Cody Newburgh

    Cody Newburgh

    Månad sedan

    My girlfriend calls you my boyfriend because I’m constantly watching your video, down from 113 to 89 this past time out. You da man!

  88. Gavin Powis

    Gavin Powis

    Månad sedan

    I'm working on this - first lesson this morning since I was a kid. Some more advice would be to get a lesson or 2 - we'll see how I get on next round... Thanks for the advice and content Rick - love ya work!



    Månad sedan

    You see, I only wish I saw this video a few months ago lol. This is awesome! Thank you.

  90. Mike Slattery

    Mike Slattery

    Månad sedan

    Great video once again. Tips that i will definitely be using out on the course!

  91. Nesperado 07

    Nesperado 07

    Månad sedan

    As a guy that's been there, these tips are good, but thats more like the break 80 tips... break 100 tips should be more about how to no shank that sh*t into the woods once a hole. Or even "how to not loose 10 balls a round"

  92. calkid31


    Månad sedan

    I did it today! Broke 100 for the first time ever. 99 . Thanks Rick

  93. Wyatt Tuschman

    Wyatt Tuschman

    Månad sedan

    i really appreciate it cause i have a tryout tomorrow

  94. alberto gonzalez

    alberto gonzalez

    Månad sedan

    Alright I'm gonna play this weekend. I will report back to see if this video really works. 😂

  95. J Peckham

    J Peckham

    Månad sedan

    Put your tips to use in my last round and took 11 shots off my game. 5 more off next round and I can break the 100, cheers matey 👍

  96. calkid31


    Månad sedan

    Trying this out today. I’ve been struggling to get under 100 ( without mulligans) for the past year. Averaging 102-110 . Now on starting hole #8. Currently sitting at +9. Let’s see if this can be my first time under 100. At Santa Anita Golf course in Arcadia, California. Playing whites. I

  97. Matthew Healey

    Matthew Healey

    Månad sedan

    Went round in 93 today, I have only broke 100 once before. The driver only came out the bag when I knew if it was awry I would find it. The biggest thing for me was not thinking about what I was doing tbh. Felt absolutely crap after getting norovirus at the weekend and thinking it was just a massive hangover 😂

  98. AhNiallater


    Månad sedan

    Picked up golf when I was a kid obviously only going to the range and whacking a few balls, went out about 10 times this year and broke 100 the other day for the first time. Going for 90 next

  99. Ad Rad

    Ad Rad

    Månad sedan

    Hi Rick, finally broke 100 today (98), thanks for the tips. Next challenge for me is break 95! 😀

  100. HENRY10


    Månad sedan

    I got 101 today