OUTRAGEOUS BIRDIE STREAK | Golfbidder challenge!

PART 2 SECOND HAND Golfbidder challenge!
Can Rick Shiels using GolfBidder 2nd hand golf clubs at the wonderful Stockport Golf Club


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  1. Pookie Vanderbilt

    Pookie Vanderbilt

    4 dagar sedan

    Hey Rick, you ever think about choking down like 2 inches on your irons and hitting them still standard speed so you don’t have to slow down to take yards off? That’s what I do and it works like a charm. Cheers man. Would love to see you try it

  2. Robert Caya

    Robert Caya

    14 dagar sedan

    I love your videos so much!!!

  3. Sean Fowler

    Sean Fowler

    14 dagar sedan

    Enjoyed that. Putter on fire👍

  4. Marcus Tartsah

    Marcus Tartsah

    15 dagar sedan

    It’s nice to see even a pro use the excuse “must of pushed it” glad to know we’re on the same level on some areas lol.

  5. Aaron Doherty

    Aaron Doherty

    19 dagar sedan

    Plz play at downshire

  6. Robert Sharp

    Robert Sharp

    20 dagar sedan

    £750 golf clubs I’ve been playing 37 years not spent more than £50 for a set and a bag ever current set pal Joey irons 3-sw cobra driver ping rescue ping bz putter £20 the lot

  7. 7crevels


    23 dagar sedan

    Hey, would like to see a golfbidder challenge where you try to find the worst clubs. 🤔

  8. Sean Yager

    Sean Yager

    24 dagar sedan

    Ahh and he choked the under AND scratch game away... God dammit Rick... I must say he's looking slightly better with the putter but there were 3 or 4 putts in this round (both part 1 and 2) that he absolutely got stolen from him. But he's definitely got nobody to blame but himself. He was absolutely horrible off the tee on the back 9.. Such a shame.. Oh well he broke 75 I guess..

  9. Ruairi Scollard

    Ruairi Scollard

    27 dagar sedan

    Burner was my fav ever driver, I havent been able to get a driver that suites my eye like it. The shaft sadly broke while in the middle of my backswing in the range one evening! Currently using an M1 but id buy that one off you straight away:)

  10. LOL C

    LOL C

    29 dagar sedan

    Rick… will you start clearing your throat when you talk for fucks sake

  11. Jonathan Brazil

    Jonathan Brazil

    Månad sedan

    Rick's worst day would 'leak liquid' all over my best game - no doubts in my mind. However, I love the honesty and how he is every single one of us playing some shot we always think should be going better for us. Like my running coach said many years ago, "whether you're running a sub-8-minute mile or a sub-5-minute mile, everyone suffers at some level". Great videos.



    Månad sedan

    Paid £45 for a 2009 Burner driver it's a belter of a club 🏌️👍

  13. Ryan Henley

    Ryan Henley

    Månad sedan

    Solid round. I bought that putter in a 38 inch shaft. I felt the same as you. The strike doesn’t feel magical but the performance is good. So it stays. Hard to beat for 140 dollars Canadian.

  14. Chester Micek

    Chester Micek

    Månad sedan

    Rick, we enjoy your vlogs. You're no Order of Merit Euro Tour Pro, but one over par is good golf. You played as well with those second-hand clubs as you do with your custom fits, thereby proving that it's the swing, not the club that matters. Can't wait to see you match up with Peter "Mork" Finch. It's fun to see "Mork" out-drive you only to lose the hole to your scrambling & putting ability.

  15. Steven Murray

    Steven Murray

    Månad sedan

    Great vlog rick....

  16. Ken Whitfield

    Ken Whitfield

    Månad sedan

    Lets Go!!

  17. max jones

    max jones

    Månad sedan

    Try the sausage rolls on the brab at the belfry bloody amazing

  18. Rob Chisholm

    Rob Chisholm

    Månad sedan

    Great round with golf bidder club selection. It amazes me the price differences between UK and Australia more so with new gear clubs balls etc are cheaper in Australia. Dozen pro v1 $70.00 which is about £40.00. Just bought 4i-pw 2021 forged Callaway Apex irons $1670.00. about £850.00.

  19. miko foin

    miko foin

    Månad sedan

    When Rick yells “what a golf shot!” From 200 yard with his 5 iron 👍 good going Rick

  20. Alex Blanchard

    Alex Blanchard

    Månad sedan

    Love the golf bidder/break 75 combo!

  21. Jose Diaz

    Jose Diaz

    Månad sedan

    This isn't the same without Pete.

  22. Brett Boynton

    Brett Boynton

    Månad sedan

    Great series of videos.... Your attitude is very refreshing and you make golf fun.. The world needs fun now for sure. And bag that putter brah!!!!

  23. M Golfer

    M Golfer

    Månad sedan

    Was a great watch You mentioned Pete and hole in one --- Idea --- Why not have the 14 club challenge match or a best of three etc Or the 14 club challenge followed by the 100 balls hole in one challenge with you both .

  24. abbsnn cose

    abbsnn cose

    Månad sedan

    Noticed Rick has improved his pitch mark repairing 😂

  25. fleshcookie


    Månad sedan

    I am very angry we don't have sausage rolls in USA

  26. Karen Healy

    Karen Healy

    Månad sedan

    your a legend

  27. C Wilson

    C Wilson

    Månad sedan

    How did 16 not drop?!!

  28. John Rachcoff

    John Rachcoff

    Månad sedan

    Rick you should try to break 75 with the cobra RF irons and the woods and wedges you would normally carry

    • abbsnn cose

      abbsnn cose

      Månad sedan

      Great video again rick 👍i got my clubs from golf bidder i found out about them watching yours and ricks videos so thanks so much

  29. Patrick Traynor

    Patrick Traynor

    Månad sedan

    Do you know golfers say when they draw or fade the ball...sit down!!! I find hitting the ball straight takes out all the variables

  30. Leslie Hines

    Leslie Hines

    Månad sedan

    after 3 birdies on the bounce - didn't you somewhat talk yourself into that pulled tee shot. This video just goes to show that it's not all down to the clubs - but the person using them. Great video

  31. Kaligula_78 Ales

    Kaligula_78 Ales

    Månad sedan

    Such a great video Rick!!! The very best 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  32. caleb briscoe

    caleb briscoe

    Månad sedan

    I just finished today and made my best score of 121. Unfortunately not 75 but my best! My bag I have I paid $40 USD for and the only thing I was missing was a putter and a SW. So I agree with you on not needing the greatest in order to play a great game! Thanks for always being so supportive to an entire range of different players it helps keep me motivated and keep working to better the score.

  33. Joshua Young

    Joshua Young

    Månad sedan

    I think you should sign the bag Ricky 2 fists!

  34. Dante Vito DelSignore

    Dante Vito DelSignore

    Månad sedan


  35. Gee Mac72

    Gee Mac72

    Månad sedan

    Seems like my best shots are always followed by the worst shots. I guess I'm not the only one.

  36. SprinkleCity


    Månad sedan

    Where the hell is Peter Finch??!

  37. Tim Bock

    Tim Bock

    Månad sedan

    There’s nothing better than a Rick Shiels fist pump, prove me wrong

  38. Yeom Erik

    Yeom Erik

    Månad sedan

    This tells that you don’t need to buy any new golf club. Just grab second handed clubs

  39. Nick Johns

    Nick Johns

    Månad sedan

    Atta baby rick

  40. Tyler Lockhart

    Tyler Lockhart

    Månad sedan

    I’ve been using the super burner driver since 2010 and I love it

  41. Niklas Holmér

    Niklas Holmér

    Månad sedan

    You should try the Cleveland Elevado putter, if you liked that one. Best putter I ever had

  42. Ryan Hewitt

    Ryan Hewitt

    Månad sedan

    Great video again rick 👍i got my clubs from golf bidder i found out about them watching yours and ricks videos so thanks so much

  43. Dan Jeory

    Dan Jeory

    Månad sedan

    Rick: Drills in three birdie putts in a row. Also Rick: I'm not sure about this putter.

  44. Kenny Hutchison

    Kenny Hutchison

    Månad sedan

    I've been playing for 40 odd years, you've had 1 more hole in one than I've done lol

    • Glen Jones

      Glen Jones

      Månad sedan

      That's what I was thinking. I've been close so many times, but in 40 years of golf, I am still hole-in-one-less.

  45. Joel T

    Joel T

    Månad sedan

    20 minute video???? C'mon Rick. I luv your stuff, Ive learned so much from you in my game but you got to try and condense your videos. Most of us don't have that long of an attention span. LOL

  46. wertyuiness


    Månad sedan

    I have a Cleveland HB putter and I have the exact same issue with it you have. Some days, some putts, it feels like it's meant to be. Other days, other putts on good days even, it feels impossible to hit it true. My best days I adjust how far I'm choked down on almost every putt. I just assumed I wasn't putting through the ball 100 percent of the time.

  47. wertyuiness


    Månad sedan

    "Hmm...Seems like Rick uses his 3 wood about as much as I do, but I'm sure he can hit it" Hooks it to hell "Oh, well that makes me feel better."

  48. Kevin Saynor

    Kevin Saynor

    Månad sedan

    Great video!! On the topic of a hole in one, be a good video watching you with 100 balls and a Par 3 and see if you can hole one 😬😬

  49. Norm Pengelly

    Norm Pengelly

    Månad sedan

    I could miss that putt...

  50. Dafydd Johnson

    Dafydd Johnson

    Månad sedan

    modern drivers a good investment for any golfer that plays a lot, not for yardage but for forgivability, in my opinion

  51. william scrimshaw

    william scrimshaw

    Månad sedan

    17years ago I won a nearest the pin with a ball overhanging the cup like that

  52. WhileNickSleeps


    Månad sedan

    Golf Bidder series without Mr Finch.... feels so empty :(

  53. J3FF_K_


    Månad sedan

    I have to say that im still playing with a taylormade burner in my bag and its still absolutely smashing it. Its pretty consistant and still averages around 300yards...

  54. Mike Cline

    Mike Cline

    Månad sedan

    You need to put that putter in the bag. 🤓

  55. Tommy M

    Tommy M

    Månad sedan

    Scale seems off if one of the worst sausage rolls is getting a 6/10 🤔

  56. Scott Mercer

    Scott Mercer

    Månad sedan

    Put that putter in your bag Rick!

  57. joelafives


    Månad sedan

    Thanks Rick

  58. Bert


    Månad sedan

    "How crazy is this, under par" -PGA tour professional?

  59. Bronald


    Månad sedan

    maybe the sausage roll wasn't all that bad after all

  60. Jamie Cook

    Jamie Cook

    Månad sedan

    Claiming you don’t need expensive clubs, these cost 750 quid Rick. You’re not living in the real world

  61. micheal trujillo

    micheal trujillo

    Månad sedan

    Wonderful back 9 Rick

  62. Ashley Armstrong

    Ashley Armstrong

    Månad sedan

    18:01 - guy in the background texting James Robinson to score 10 under with a £750 set of clubs

  63. Mark Derby

    Mark Derby

    Månad sedan

    Great series Rick really enjoyed it😊👍looking forward to a match against Pete 👍

  64. Trevor F

    Trevor F

    Månad sedan

    I want a "Birdie Sauce" shirt like yesterday hahah

  65. C E

    C E

    Månad sedan

    Yes a series with Pete 😅😎👍🏻🏌️‍♂️

  66. bigdwsoton


    Månad sedan

    I've recently started playing golf again after not picking a club up for 15+ years. I've started having lessons and along with watching your video's my game is improving all the time. I really enjoy your video's and look forward to the next one.

  67. David Swanson

    David Swanson

    Månad sedan

    I’ve still got an 8.5° TP 2007 Burner, for me it’s the best driver TaylorMade have ever produced! 👍🏻

  68. calvin maestro

    calvin maestro

    Månad sedan

    Keep the putter!

  69. Brian Leeds

    Brian Leeds

    Månad sedan

    Enjoyable video!

  70. Garnet Lees

    Garnet Lees

    Månad sedan

    I'd love to see you build a bag with the cheapest clubs on golf bidder! And play a round with them

  71. Thomas Lepage

    Thomas Lepage

    Månad sedan

    If you want another hole in one, You must say "Ace cam is live." It wont happen otherwise.

  72. Megan Witt

    Megan Witt

    Månad sedan

    *** Video Idea *** Another Golfbidder Break 75 Tiger Woods edition. Get his last set of Nike clubs (or as close as possible). Wear Red. Get Frank. See how older clubs hold up in today’s world.

  73. Craig Ha

    Craig Ha

    Månad sedan

    Rick. Next time you have a crazy day like that. We all need the birdie dance 🐥🕺

  74. Mike Alessi

    Mike Alessi

    Månad sedan

    I think "Pure" is getting over used between Rick, Matt and Pete

  75. fly787


    Månad sedan

    The videos seem to end abruptly ... need a recap ...

  76. BeeAreYouSeeEe


    Månad sedan

    "one of the worst I've ever had... 6/10" Rick rates his food like my fat butt does 😂😂

  77. Martin White

    Martin White

    Månad sedan

    I gotta say, Rick makes golf look fun. Such a humble, quality guy. But... , you've probably damaged a few peoples' prospects of getting a new set of clubs for Christmas 😄

  78. mario Jesus

    mario Jesus

    Månad sedan

    That 5 iron on the 13th great shot with 3 birdies in a row to play a +1 what a set you never use before and still break 75 great game

  79. chase hancock

    chase hancock

    Månad sedan

    Rich if I start at the age of 25 practicing, could you make it to the pga tour by your 30’s?

    • chase hancock

      chase hancock

      Månad sedan


  80. Michael J Brennan

    Michael J Brennan

    Månad sedan

    As for the latest equipment goes, I’m playing a set of Ping G10 with a Musty Putter (a wood headed putter) for the past 14 years. (12 with the putter).

  81. JimmyRaging


    Månad sedan

    16:08 Rick playing with Peter: "Sorry mate, just outta gimme range on that one".

  82. Michael J Brennan

    Michael J Brennan

    Månad sedan

    Smart golf is better than over aggressive golf when you are in trouble. I started playing the safe smart shot to get out of trouble a month ago. My USGA GHIN has dropped 2.5 strokes.

  83. Dan Downing

    Dan Downing

    Månad sedan

    I've been playing the Ping i e1 irons you are playing in this video for the last 3 years. I adore them. Brilliant clubs, a great player's iron. VERY SHAPEABLE. I even like them more than the i200 and i210 that replaced them. Sadly, they will be replaced in about 1 week by a custom set of Mizuno MP-20 MBs that I was fitted into a few months ago.

  84. UNCFan12345


    Månad sedan

    Literally can build a way better bag off of eBay for the same price

  85. M T

    M T

    Månad sedan

    Thanks for reminding us golf is 90% the Indian and 10% the arrow. Instead of spending alot of money getting fitted, how about get fit physically and mentally to play good golf.

  86. James Call

    James Call

    Månad sedan

    Forget the evn roll putter. You need this one you’re using

  87. Elsa Mathieson

    Elsa Mathieson

    Månad sedan

    Great Vid Rick, how about each time you do a Golfbidder break 75 , you reduce the amount you can spend by a 100 quid, next one 650 quid max?

  88. Bounce Back Golf

    Bounce Back Golf

    Månad sedan

    Love your videos. All are very enjoyable to watch.

  89. Eli Smith

    Eli Smith

    Månad sedan

    Hey Rick, what is your handicap? I’ve always wondered

  90. jon down00

    jon down00

    Månad sedan

    750 Quid is a lot of $$$ for a second hand Set, that's close enough to $1500.00 in Australia, and you could buy a hell of a nice new Set for that money. I'd like to see you break 80 with the oldest Hire Set in the Pro Shop....That would be interesting ....

  91. Marty Watson

    Marty Watson

    Månad sedan

    I've recently bought that exact putter and love it and the price.

  92. Charlie Greenbeck

    Charlie Greenbeck

    Månad sedan

    Other than the driver, this set wasn’t actually as cheap as I thought it would be at all, you could definitely get cheaper, similar standard gear, I imagine you picked stuff with the right shafts and similar builds to your actual set though right? Could be hard to find the specific gear cheaper

    • SDN


      Månad sedan

      750 jokes well dear . Ebay cheaper

  93. Alex Stitch

    Alex Stitch

    Månad sedan

    YT content is great, so is the podcast. Great guy Rick, helped me get back into golf in a massive way since my teens. Would love to play a round one time... maybe you can get me in the Mere Rick, i live close by.... haha

  94. Phillip Ternullo

    Phillip Ternullo

    Månad sedan

    Not Bad , not bad at all . 2ND hand clubs that you never played with before . I remember on the front nine you didn’t even know how far you would hit those clubs . Good job 👍 .

  95. Mrbigolnuts


    Månad sedan

    Rick is a terrible putter, but some how, magically, that club turns him into a very very good putter, would be crazy not to put that in the bag!

  96. Brock Van Wagoner

    Brock Van Wagoner

    Månad sedan

    I gamed the 07 burner driver right up until I got the rbz. It's one of there best selling drivers of all time. I think the second hand equipment sites are great, I'd advocate for them rather than getting a combo set. You're spending a touch more going to a second hand site but the equipment will be so much nicer.

  97. Xavier Patterson Golf

    Xavier Patterson Golf

    Månad sedan

    Rick I think when it comes to that putter “feel vs real” is the logic u need 😂

  98. David Ferrer

    David Ferrer

    Månad sedan

    I can only imagine how many clubs you have just piling up at home 😂

  99. JJ


    Månad sedan

    The putts count just the same as the drives......yeah, that's my problem, too, Rick 😂😂

  100. p


    Månad sedan

    Someone is gaining weight 🤣