The SECRET ‘cheap’ golf clubs most people don’t know about!


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Hi I’m Rick Shiels, welcome to my channel RickShielsPGAGolf. This SE-one channel is designed to help you play better golf, also to help you enjoy your golf more!

I specialise in golf club reviews, golf club unboxing, golf club news, golf club head to heads, and all about golf clubs.

I also want to make you play better golf by providing coaching video on all topics about golf, how to fix your slice, fix your hook, help you drive the golf ball longer, hit your irons more pure, hit your irons closer to the hole and help you draw and fade your golf shots.
I will also help you lower your score by chipping better by stopping you duff and thin chips, pitch the ball closer and also create backspin. Also I will provide you help to putt better and hole more putts!

On this channel I also make fun and entertaining golf content based on crazy and sometimes “gimmicky” golf clubs. I like to cut through the marketing hype about products and I like to give you the honest truth about golf equipment.

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  1. Rick Shiels Golf

    Rick Shiels Golf

    Månad sedan

    To enter to WIN these clubs: 1.) *SUBSCRIBE* to my channel 2.) *LIKE* this video 3.) *COMMENT* below Winner will be picked at random at the end of August and I will ship the clubs anywhere in the world! Good luck and thanks for watching!

    • R J

      R J

      Månad sedan

      Have been wanting to try cobra irons used the woods about 10 years ago and they performed well for my swing at that time

    • Conrad Smith

      Conrad Smith

      Månad sedan

      My son needs a good set of beginner clubs, although I just heard you shout Four! As I was typing this :)

    • Andwun


      Månad sedan

      Would love to give this to a friend, he can’t afford new clubs atm and he’s an improving golfer with a twice hand me down set, I’m sure set would help him out a lot. Keep up the great vids Rick!

    • Daniel Kennedy

      Daniel Kennedy

      Månad sedan

      Good looking set of clubs and the bag looks great.

    • C C

      C C

      Månad sedan

      Hopefully win the clubs

  2. chris burgin

    chris burgin

    32 minuter sedan

    Liked and subscribed. Love the content. Really helped me start to get in to golf as a sport!

  3. Ketan Dusara

    Ketan Dusara

    2 timmar sedan

    Thanks was thinking of getting this set especially as it will be my first set of new clubs brought some second hand clubs and was looking to upgrade your video helps making that choice thanks again!

  4. Banana Peel

    Banana Peel

    5 timmar sedan

    Love your videos, missed contest :(, good video again tho!



    8 timmar sedan

    good luck on your upcoming 2M subscriber Rick!! enjoy to watch "cheap" package set on your video!!

  6. Ed Stevens

    Ed Stevens

    9 timmar sedan

    Love the videos Rick!

  7. E Powell

    E Powell

    9 timmar sedan

    Too late, but thanks for the lessons! My slice off the tee has all but disappeared.

  8. Toby Wolverson

    Toby Wolverson

    12 timmar sedan

    As someone getting back into golf, something like this would be perfect for me

  9. Adam bell

    Adam bell

    12 timmar sedan

    Actually a really great looking set of clubs. would suit me really well i think. loving the videos rick everything you do helps me alot. cheers :)

  10. Simon Palmer

    Simon Palmer

    15 timmar sedan

    Love your advice Rick. A cut above what is on SE-one. Simon (Sydney Australia)

  11. Charley Carsello

    Charley Carsello

    21 timme sedan


  12. Charley Carsello

    Charley Carsello

    21 timme sedan


  13. Pastor Chris Stewart

    Pastor Chris Stewart

    21 timme sedan


  14. Marty Grabowski

    Marty Grabowski

    22 timmar sedan


  15. Al’s Fish Barn

    Al’s Fish Barn

    Dag sedan


  16. Alan Perrington Jr

    Alan Perrington Jr

    Dag sedan

    Great content Rick Improving my game weekly

  17. Nathan Johnson

    Nathan Johnson

    Dag sedan

    Are the irons worth getting? I'm new back to golf and they are a good price online for just the irons. Was considering getting these as a starter iron set and then use golfbidder to add a different driver and putter

  18. Zach Davey

    Zach Davey

    Dag sedan

    Pls rick I need new clubs and my current are way to flexi for me

  19. World Ward

    World Ward

    Dag sedan


  20. Joseph Salerno

    Joseph Salerno

    Dag sedan

    Totally enjoy watching your videos. Missed out on the Edge clubs. You struggled a bit using these clubs!

  21. Max Medero

    Max Medero

    Dag sedan

    I’m new to golf and I’m looking for a set! Hook me up!!

  22. simon ellis

    simon ellis

    Dag sedan

    Love the videos, Rick. Come out to Almeria, Spain and play a round or two with me and the lads.

  23. Brandon Bester

    Brandon Bester

    Dag sedan

    Just getting into the game and I’m absolutely loving it. A set like this would make life a lot easier than having to borrow or rent clubs for the weekend.

  24. Tim McIvor

    Tim McIvor

    Dag sedan

    Great vids! Like your video with James too .

  25. james mcintosh

    james mcintosh

    Dag sedan

    Really like the honesty in your videos. I've been using your videos to help me buy some new clubs. Thanks for posting great videos Rick

  26. Mike Wilson - Hawkmoth Mike - Tat Mike

    Mike Wilson - Hawkmoth Mike - Tat Mike

    Dag sedan

    Rick you'll have to put me in for the next giveaway, August's long gone haha

  27. Mike Wilson - Hawkmoth Mike - Tat Mike

    Mike Wilson - Hawkmoth Mike - Tat Mike

    Dag sedan

    N.Z bound 🤞

  28. Logan Shank

    Logan Shank

    Dag sedan

    Would be nice to have them, just getting into golf

  29. Greg Douglas

    Greg Douglas

    2 dagar sedan

    I want those clubs

  30. T. Wood

    T. Wood

    2 dagar sedan

    the callaway edge looks like the better option imo.

  31. x_probie_x


    2 dagar sedan

    I just started to golf and these videos are awesome so I don’t waste money lol

  32. Derrick Yee

    Derrick Yee

    2 dagar sedan

    Would like to retire from my ping g15.

  33. Mike and Em outdoors

    Mike and Em outdoors

    2 dagar sedan

    New to glof I've played two 9 holes rounds I'd love these clubs. Thanks for all the videos I've learnt every thing I know about golf from your videos. Thank you.

  34. Jake Schaffer

    Jake Schaffer

    2 dagar sedan

    Thanks for the chance to win a nice set that you played with. I'd LOVE a chance to win your club set. I'm a beginner and I've been playing for 3 months hard. The club set I have is a MacGregor set from the 70s. I found them along the road, someone was throwing them away but I saved and salvaged them. I practice every day in my yard. I'd love to go to a range but I'm a little embarrassed to show up with a vintage set. I plan on sticking with the sport but can't buy a nice set at the moment. I have 4 kids/ ball retrievers lol. Anyway. Pick me. Send them to Pennsylvania. If you pick me I would hope you're planning on signing the bag. I'd love your autograph. Thanks for the content Rick. Much Love, keep on swinging.

  35. Steven Dubois

    Steven Dubois

    2 dagar sedan

    New to golf could use a set! Love your work Rick you’ve improved my game a ton! Cheers!

  36. Gabriel Aucoin

    Gabriel Aucoin

    2 dagar sedan

    You're the best man ! :D

  37. Manofsteel_cd


    3 dagar sedan

    Love the set 💥🤙🏻💪🏻

  38. BigJaaack


    3 dagar sedan

    Those would be great to get me back into golf. Love the videos Rick 👌

  39. daniel young

    daniel young

    3 dagar sedan

    Brilliant work got me back into golf after a long time still can’t hit a ball straight haha but still good getting out and having a laugh especially after the last year we have all had 😬😬😁😁

  40. Dartanian1959


    3 dagar sedan

    Gun, Cobra my favourite club Manufacturers, Luv the channel and your banter, Cheers Peter

  41. Tom constable

    Tom constable

    3 dagar sedan

    I like golf

  42. jayhillman


    3 dagar sedan

    Iv got a few friends I’m trying to get into golf so would be great to win

  43. Garth Zulak

    Garth Zulak

    3 dagar sedan

    not a bad price considering a driver alone cost that much

  44. Neil Liver

    Neil Liver

    4 dagar sedan

    I'd love these clubs

  45. Ronnie Dodson

    Ronnie Dodson

    4 dagar sedan

    New to golf would love this set!!

  46. snarzy100


    4 dagar sedan

    Returning to golf after 15 years... new to the channel. Thanks for the info Rick!

  47. mr. boom

    mr. boom

    4 dagar sedan

    I'm probably late on the giveaway but I really like your channel you got me interested in golf I guess you could say I got the golf bug since I've been watching your channel been playing golf at least every Monday thanks Rick keep up the good content

  48. Kim Green

    Kim Green

    4 dagar sedan

    Yes please… need new ones

  49. Ernesto Santiago

    Ernesto Santiago

    4 dagar sedan

    Does this mean now these clubs are going to be as impossible to find as the Callaway Edge set?

  50. Charlie Costello

    Charlie Costello

    4 dagar sedan

    2mill on the way

  51. Leon Nisley

    Leon Nisley

    4 dagar sedan

    Awesome love it!

  52. Patrick Smith

    Patrick Smith

    4 dagar sedan

    Cool video

  53. Scott Patterson

    Scott Patterson

    4 dagar sedan

    Hi Rick any chance you could review some Rife golf clubs from American golf as I'm considering the complete set

  54. Fintán MCKINNEY

    Fintán MCKINNEY

    4 dagar sedan

    These clubs are so good I was thinking about picking them up

  55. Kyle Moore

    Kyle Moore

    4 dagar sedan

    These clubs would replace my amazing 87 golden bears and blue leather bag. I mean it'll be a tough choice to switch to these but I would go for it

  56. Cliff Gittens

    Cliff Gittens

    5 dagar sedan

    Missed this give away but what are your thoughts on the cobra fly xl vs the callaway edge set as a starter set?

  57. Karliino Härmä

    Karliino Härmä

    5 dagar sedan

    definitely would like this set, so i can start up golf.

  58. XT brothers

    XT brothers

    5 dagar sedan

    Plz can I have some clubs I need some as I am using my dads 20 year old ones

  59. Scott Jones

    Scott Jones

    5 dagar sedan

    Awesome video as usual! :-) Where can i buy these clubs? Lol

  60. Jarbardinky


    5 dagar sedan


  61. Lukas Lambor

    Lukas Lambor

    5 dagar sedan

    Cobras would do me :)

  62. Jasper Prins

    Jasper Prins

    5 dagar sedan

    Those clubs will fit me

  63. kyla paige pokemon rage

    kyla paige pokemon rage

    5 dagar sedan

    Hi Rick just starting out, really love the look of the cobra clubs 👍 love the channel keep it up ⛳

  64. Will McGuire

    Will McGuire

    5 dagar sedan

    Loved the video and would love to get those clubs and get my golf game started!

  65. K Lum

    K Lum

    5 dagar sedan

    Hey Rick, well done sir. Great video. Thanks.

  66. Grant B.

    Grant B.

    6 dagar sedan

    Let’s go

  67. CL


    6 dagar sedan

    You are describing me Rick. Started watching your channel about a month and find it very informative and fun. I was one of those that played ‘business’ golf of about 10 rounds per year. Never great but enjoyed myself. I have retired now and looking to get back into it after several years of not much play. You are getting me back into it. Thanks.

  68. Bernie Pedulla

    Bernie Pedulla

    6 dagar sedan

    yomstill doing that give away

  69. Wayne Smith

    Wayne Smith

    6 dagar sedan

    I'd love to have these clubs. I'm fairly new to golf. I have never had a new set

  70. Justice for Comics

    Justice for Comics

    6 dagar sedan

    Sweet looking starter set!! Love it!

  71. Rod Hunt

    Rod Hunt

    6 dagar sedan

    I bought some in Perth last week

  72. Soee


    6 dagar sedan

    The set looks quite good! Would be a decent upgrade from my old set

  73. Mike Hancho

    Mike Hancho

    6 dagar sedan

    My wife just surprised me with these a few hours ago, that’s why I’m here! So excited to play with them tomorrow!

  74. T STONGE


    6 dagar sedan

    They're actually pretty nice looking clubs, especially the bag. I would love this set for my 13 yr old son who is pretty new to golf. Thanks for the videos Rick!

  75. Andrew Grundy

    Andrew Grundy

    6 dagar sedan

    I'd love these as my first new set of clubs. Bought a set of cobras in 2013. A friend had his stolen and I let him have my set

  76. Terry Vining

    Terry Vining

    6 dagar sedan

    I could use those clubs

  77. brentsrx7


    6 dagar sedan

    My clubs are from the 90's. I could use the upgrade lol.

  78. Wladimir Sierra

    Wladimir Sierra

    7 dagar sedan

    Nice video Rick!

  79. Bradley McIntosh

    Bradley McIntosh

    7 dagar sedan

    Love watching your videos, one of the best golf youtuber. Helped me out a lot with some practice tips and guides. Thanks a bunch

  80. TitleWaive1


    7 dagar sedan

    If you haven't given the clubs away, I'll take them! Been binge watching your videos and love them!

  81. Honkerh8r


    7 dagar sedan

    Not a bad deal!

  82. Jedediah Kerkhoff

    Jedediah Kerkhoff

    7 dagar sedan

    Oh I’m late to the Party! Would’ve loved to win these clubs! Never disappointed with the content Rick! Thanks!

  83. Stacy Helms

    Stacy Helms

    7 dagar sedan

    I would like them!

  84. Jay Harris

    Jay Harris

    7 dagar sedan

    You always do great reviews, I'm a big fan of all your videos.

  85. Ben Skittlethorpe

    Ben Skittlethorpe

    7 dagar sedan

    Hi Rick i think you should pick me i really like the look of them Ohhh and if i win i challenge you to a game.

  86. XanD0ns Gaming

    XanD0ns Gaming

    7 dagar sedan

    I liked

  87. Frankie Flynn

    Frankie Flynn

    7 dagar sedan

    Let's go rickyy

  88. Farid Abed

    Farid Abed

    7 dagar sedan

    I loca your Chanel y want to be like you im 13 y live in México city

  89. Karan Guduru

    Karan Guduru

    7 dagar sedan

    Would be appreciated if I got these. Just started out and I'm enjoying the sport so yea.

  90. Tobbe Karlström

    Tobbe Karlström

    7 dagar sedan

    Please man. I need them..

  91. Falcon Eye

    Falcon Eye

    7 dagar sedan

    been a month and a half WHEN ?

  92. Ragspa


    7 dagar sedan

    Nice Clubs, I just started, would need them. 😁

  93. TheICEBOX32


    7 dagar sedan

    Love, Cobra clubs!

  94. TGV Chalky White

    TGV Chalky White

    7 dagar sedan

    Just out for new set pleeeeeeeease

  95. ZRH Scooter Bros

    ZRH Scooter Bros

    7 dagar sedan

    Can I please have the clubs I’m new to golf and have got a good set at all I would love a new set thank you

  96. Player One

    Player One

    8 dagar sedan

    I like the look of these whacking sticks. ⛳

  97. Steven Hunt

    Steven Hunt

    8 dagar sedan

    Am I to late?

  98. Kevin Speight

    Kevin Speight

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    So Have they found a new home yet???

  99. Kevin Speight

    Kevin Speight

    8 dagar sedan

    Need these sooooo bad. Good luck to whom it may concern. I’m still jealous. Lol

  100. Kevin Speight

    Kevin Speight

    8 dagar sedan

    Perry, Georgia, 🇺🇸