MY NEW IRONS? | Ping i59 review

MY NEW IRONS? | Ping i59 review
PGA PRO Rick Shiels wasn't looking for new irons until he saw these beautiful Ping i59 irons. But will they be better than the current TaylorMade P7MC irons he has in the bag?


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Hi I’m Rick Shiels, welcome to my channel RickShielsPGAGolf. This SE-one channel is designed to help you play better golf, also to help you enjoy your golf more!

I specialise in golf club reviews, golf club unboxing, golf club news, golf club head to heads, and all about golf clubs.

I also want to make you play better golf by providing coaching video on all topics about golf, how to fix your slice, fix your hook, help you drive the golf ball longer, hit your irons more pure, hit your irons closer to the hole and help you draw and fade your golf shots.
I will also help you lower your score by chipping better by stopping you duff and thin chips, pitch the ball closer and also create backspin. Also I will provide you help to putt better and hole more putts!

On this channel I also make fun and entertaining golf content based on crazy and sometimes “gimmicky” golf clubs. I like to cut through the marketing hype about products and I like to give you the honest truth about golf equipment.

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  1. Rick Shiels Golf

    Rick Shiels Golf

    23 dagar sedan

    Thanks for watching and hope you enjoyed the video! Be sure to drop a like & subscribe so you don’t miss any new videos 🙌 thanks

    • Rick Moore

      Rick Moore

      21 dag sedan

      Not worth 2200.00 bucks

    • Michael Osborne

      Michael Osborne

      21 dag sedan

      Hello Rick, Love watching your channel. Recently watched you and a Pro play St. Andrews with old Tom Morris type clubs. Made me decide it was time for me to take a trip from across the pond and play it. I live in North Carolina, USA. I'm 63 and play to around a 1 handicap. Hoping you could give me some great advice about handling this exciting adventure. MY girl friend will be coming with me but does not play. Would be great to play with local low handicap players Sincerely, Michael Osborne

    • solraccarpy


      21 dag sedan

      So if you aren't going to use those clubs can I have them?

    • rob gordon

      rob gordon

      22 dagar sedan

      @William vvvv

    • rob gordon

      rob gordon

      22 dagar sedan

      @William vvvv

  2. Sumit Aggarwal

    Sumit Aggarwal

    8 timmar sedan

    The question that you never answer is whether your score improves eveytime you change irons.

  3. vonster202


    5 dagar sedan

    The right thing to do is go get fitted for them 🤣

  4. losap130


    5 dagar sedan

    Hi Rick, I would like to know what is the exact model of your Ping golf bag. Thanks!

  5. Crispy Duck

    Crispy Duck

    8 dagar sedan

    I remember getting my Apex CF16s and left myself a wedge in to the first hole and I holed it - that’s the sort of start you need

  6. dion arocha

    dion arocha

    8 dagar sedan

    I work at the Austin golf club the one Ben Crenshaw owns not ACC !!

  7. dion arocha

    dion arocha

    8 dagar sedan

    I wish i could show u my full set of the s59 ping irons full set 3-w and 48 & 54 degree

  8. Joseph Abbatello

    Joseph Abbatello

    10 dagar sedan

    $2k irons, id be afraid to get em dirty lmao

  9. Matt D

    Matt D

    11 dagar sedan

    I think in this case... it really comes down to the fact that he's more use to the taylor mades....

  10. rjson


    11 dagar sedan

    Such a good salesman lol

  11. Mon Rivera

    Mon Rivera

    11 dagar sedan

    Hey @Rick ... have you ever done a review on the Yamaha Golf sets? Especially the inpres and UD2 series. I wonder what would your thoughts be on this brand of clubs.

  12. Peter Vanstone

    Peter Vanstone

    11 dagar sedan

    Price disgusting but when you get them for next to nothing I suppose you can change clubs every 5mins I like Rick but this looking for more forgiveness and then playing blade like clubs and also going for looks That is wrong and promotes high handicappers to change and the posers to buy club that are not suited If you are playing and enjoying golf with bad looking clubs un high branded what is wrong with that Oh what that in your bag syndrome from mates Let-put £1600 clubs in the bag and play like a prattbut I look good wrong message!!!!

  13. 2aSprite


    11 dagar sedan

    If you are spending big money on golf clubs You NEED to get a professional to frequency match the set….THEN you can only blame the player for any poor shots

  14. Blake Sweeney

    Blake Sweeney

    11 dagar sedan

    They look... like TaylorMade P770/P790 ripoffs.

  15. Pablo Escobar

    Pablo Escobar

    11 dagar sedan

    Rick, get yourself some Hogan PTX Pro. Great looks. Great feel, great performance, great price.

  16. Graham Davison

    Graham Davison

    12 dagar sedan

    We all want more forgiveness 🙏



    13 dagar sedan

    Until next time

  18. michael whitby

    michael whitby

    14 dagar sedan

    SHOCK another click bait Rick Sheils video

  19. Zilinski Schmidt

    Zilinski Schmidt

    14 dagar sedan

    I think I'm going to stick to my i20n's

  20. Mike Atherton

    Mike Atherton

    15 dagar sedan

    This is a great video. Really enjoyed watching you toil with heart head and performance. Its hard to get it right we rely on pros to assist us with our choices and some of the bigger outlets dont help as much as perhaps your club pro. Thanks Rick I think its very refreshing to see a pro struggle with a choice.

  21. Cynd Inva

    Cynd Inva

    15 dagar sedan

    Just get a set of mizuno mp20 mmc ticks all the boxes.

  22. alan carlyon

    alan carlyon

    16 dagar sedan

    I don't understand the 142 thumbs down on this blog, I and many more of us guys watching Ricks blogs as he helps us in helping us to chose or stick to what clubs we have! Many thanks Rick, but I recon the price of these clubs have put your followers off! There's no quick fix to ones golf, new clubs isn't going to fix ones game, I advise one to get a lesson and stop giving your clubs the blame, check your down swing and your aim, many a times one can hate this game, keep churning out your reviews Rick which helps us out here with our game, my thumbs are up always Rick watching you loving this game!

  23. Q-Bits


    16 dagar sedan

    exactly the same for me as a high handycapper but with taylormade sim2 max and ping g425. The pings look better, feel better but are more expensive, but man I just hit these taylormade irons better. And they are half the price as well.

  24. Zeke M

    Zeke M

    16 dagar sedan

    Wanted to know if your Mc taylormade irons are more forgiving than the Wilson V6 irons? Thanks

  25. Box Cricket Club

    Box Cricket Club

    17 dagar sedan

    I'll have the old ping irons if they need a new home 😅

  26. The GolfHackr

    The GolfHackr

    17 dagar sedan

    Irons looking better than a blue Powerade on a Saturday morning

  27. Liam Murty

    Liam Murty

    17 dagar sedan

    “I’ve hit one miles right” as the tracer literally goes straight 😂

  28. Aleksander Davies

    Aleksander Davies

    17 dagar sedan

    Ping i210 would be perfect

  29. YEBY Trades

    YEBY Trades

    17 dagar sedan

    Rick - Love the forgiveness of these irons...especially when I shutdown the club face & yank it 10 yards left Also Rick - So Ping sent me these clubs for FREE to check out. They will cost you $1600

  30. bigupschase


    17 dagar sedan

    hey rick!, any chance you could do a side by side driving,chipping comparison of the Callaway superhot and the supersoft golf balls?. Preferably the Matte ones? You will get a lot of views from the US cause these golf balls stay being sold out where ever I go

  31. Alan Kasjan

    Alan Kasjan

    17 dagar sedan

    Not sure if this is a great advertisement not to buy Ping or not to buy new clubs. I thinking new clubs, nobody at my club (single figures) has improved with new clubs, some have gone out.

  32. Donn Bigelow

    Donn Bigelow

    18 dagar sedan

    Rick needs to get Wilson on board with his new TV show - “Iron vs Iron” 😆

  33. qopoy dnon

    qopoy dnon

    18 dagar sedan

    This is a very complete test and one of the best ones you've done. Rather than just overloading us with data, you've actually let us know how they are for you in practice 👍🏻

  34. Bryan Mackley

    Bryan Mackley

    18 dagar sedan

    He really needs the Taylormade P790’s. They’d literally be perfect for him.

    • Cynd Inva

      Cynd Inva

      15 dagar sedan

      P770 for Rick

  35. David Tinsley

    David Tinsley

    19 dagar sedan

    Rick, you need to get your irons custom fitted ie loft angle adjusted and (as importantly) the right shaft to suit your swing! You should then do a test with standard off the shelf irons v the same irons custom fitted to your swing. Performance will only really come with custom fitted irons. Love your vids!

  36. Hog Hog

    Hog Hog

    19 dagar sedan

    Another entertaining and informative video. Keep them coming chief!

  37. Greg R

    Greg R

    19 dagar sedan

    Its all about feel too. Im sure there's folks who love their Ping i59s and hit them better than you. But put P7MCs in their hands and they can't hit them. Its why we try out clubs.

    • qopoy dnon

      qopoy dnon

      18 dagar sedan

      I thought the shaft was 90% of the golf club performance

  38. Lee Yarbrough

    Lee Yarbrough

    19 dagar sedan

    For more forgiveness in a forge or blade would more along the line mizuno irons which are really high end blade however guess it’s whet folks want during the end. Can save money an have a good feel with the mizuno.

  39. willfield III

    willfield III

    19 dagar sedan

    Look stunning? They look like a half finished prototype to me, anyone else? 🤔 They have nothing on the P7MC, little bias as I do game the mc's.

  40. prarieboy


    19 dagar sedan

    U need the cobra speedbacks bro

  41. Ham68


    19 dagar sedan

    Correct me if I'm wrong but, doesn't it take a few rounds to "get used" to the new clubs? I mean, you can't really judge them from the very get go. For myself, it takes me several rounds of golf before I finally get used to any new clubs I buy. Cheers :)

  42. Micah Houfek

    Micah Houfek

    19 dagar sedan

    Good looks, feel, workability, and forgiving--are we still talking about golf clubs?!

  43. Jimmy Jam

    Jimmy Jam

    19 dagar sedan

    and heres me using lost and found pick ups lmao

  44. HackAttackx10


    19 dagar sedan

    Should look at the APEX 21 DCB, they swing so well and you can feel the motion really well

  45. AE Morris

    AE Morris

    20 dagar sedan

    Hey Rick, strictly out of curiosity, what do you do with all of the previous clubs after you have tried them or taken them out of the bag? Do you have a room just full of clubs and partial boxes of balls? Could you do a quick video of that if you do?

  46. Adam Adam

    Adam Adam

    20 dagar sedan

    You ever thought about doing a mixed set of irons ya magpie? 😘 We all know your OCD wouldn’t let that happen. You are the best Ricky Two Fist!

  47. Ryan Bingham

    Ryan Bingham

    20 dagar sedan

    There’s something about the sound a ping makes. It hasn’t always been the same but it’s always awesome.

  48. Ryan Bingham

    Ryan Bingham

    20 dagar sedan

    Compare them with your current irons. I’d like to see shots switching between sets on course.

  49. tompem


    20 dagar sedan

    I thought the shaft was 90% of the golf club performance



    20 dagar sedan

    if they won't work for you Rick, I'd be happy to take them off your hands. I bought a new set the start of this year and I am not in love with them and the War Department certainly will not sign off on allowing me to buy another set. :)

  51. Robert Mcintosh

    Robert Mcintosh

    20 dagar sedan

    New new new new I mean new new irons for about 2 weeks

  52. Paul McGee

    Paul McGee

    20 dagar sedan

    Any iron gets hold of. It’s going in the bag etc etc

  53. Alain S

    Alain S

    20 dagar sedan

    Btw... I've heard the face in these forged irons is not forged 🙁🤷

  54. xSoulCalibur


    20 dagar sedan

    Rick coming in with the drill beat for the driving range video XD

  55. andy thoms

    andy thoms

    20 dagar sedan

    I was gonna buy an earlier model of these but went for hitting the ball 10+ yards with performance irons lol 😁

  56. morten bøgh andersen

    morten bøgh andersen

    20 dagar sedan

    How about testing callaway warbird iron set. I am Mew to golf and thinking about buying Them but are confused.thanks for at good Channel. Best regards morten

  57. Chris Sugar

    Chris Sugar

    20 dagar sedan

    Rick’s one bias is ping irons, he wants them to work so bad for him he’ll try to find any positive out of them. Everyone has their favorites, ping irons are clearly his whether they’re the best for him or not.

  58. chelan w

    chelan w

    20 dagar sedan

    Split set 3-4 ping 😂

  59. Paul


    20 dagar sedan

    I would love to see you test the Callaway Apex 21 irons. It just seems you have an issue with Callaway Irons.

  60. KHaines


    20 dagar sedan

    Have you ever heard of Maltby golf clubs? I would love to see a review on one of their sets.

  61. Anthony Hansen

    Anthony Hansen

    20 dagar sedan

    Didn't they just "borrow" the design and looks of the TaylorMade P790's? i think so. I love this channel but Rick is Ping biased. :) Everyone has a fave so no slight there. Keep up the great posts.

  62. D Peña

    D Peña

    20 dagar sedan

    No es la flecha, es el arquero. 😅



    20 dagar sedan

    looks are a copy of Nike Vapor Pros ....

  64. Darren


    20 dagar sedan

    Please come to Vancouver Canada and give lessons I want your swing, sir!

  65. john donohoe

    john donohoe

    20 dagar sedan

    It’s a new model Ping, there’s a chance it’s going in Ricks bag.

  66. Nivlac Deens

    Nivlac Deens

    20 dagar sedan

    I'd really like to see Rick test the Callaway Mavrik Max irons

  67. Mark J

    Mark J

    20 dagar sedan

    Would love to see you review the Cobra T rail irons for those that struggle with traditional irons.

  68. Brian prather

    Brian prather

    20 dagar sedan

    I know the Titleist T 300 irons is not your style of clubs being a little more on the chunky side but I think you should test them in the future video . I have heard a lot scratch golfers say that they would play them or even a mix set with the T 200 irons because of the forgiveness and consistency of them . And mixed or blended sets seem to be the thing over the last few years . I’m in my 50’s and have really enjoyed playing with my first generation T300’s irons keeping my rounds in the 70’s 👍🏌🏻‍♂️⛳️ sometimes we have to have an open mind and swallow our pride and stop trying to hit clubs that might not be very consistent or forgiving and put clubs in the bag that will make golf more enjoyable and consistent 😉 you may be pleasantly surprised on the consistency of distance and mid to hi ball flight and dissent angle of the T300 irons . Best game improvement Irons I have tried in the last 10 years.

  69. IlliniDog01


    21 dag sedan

    Have you tried a combo set of the Mizuno MP-20s? 3 & 4 in MP-20 HMB 5, 6, & 7 in MP-20 MMC 8, 9, & PW in MP-20 Blades

  70. Kevin Spradlin

    Kevin Spradlin

    21 dag sedan

    Forgiveness? How about absolution! Try the Cleveland Halo set, the sinner's special.

  71. Joanie MacConnell Rozek

    Joanie MacConnell Rozek

    21 dag sedan

    Cleveland XL Launcher? It's not Sexy looking- but seems to have the forgiveness you want? No, not affiliated with them..just tried them.

  72. thatwilldonicely


    21 dag sedan

    i was fitted for a ping g425 hyrid today and i had a go for a laugh with a demo i59 7 iron, soul searingly beautiful clubs, if i was a wealthy man id buy a set just to look at them !

  73. Ze Nardo6

    Ze Nardo6

    21 dag sedan

    Do these compare more closely to the P7MC or the P770s?

  74. Jungfräuliche Ukulele

    Jungfräuliche Ukulele

    21 dag sedan

    Do they close courses for Rick or why are they empty in every video and he can just wander about?

  75. Star Wars Coffee

    Star Wars Coffee

    21 dag sedan

    PING is taking the PXG approach to pricing and it's baffling. Their clubs are nearly 40% more expensive than anything else on the market. Not something I expected from PING of all brands.

  76. EyeQue


    21 dag sedan

    “If you want forgiveness, go to church” - Unknown.

  77. Christopher Hellenstierna

    Christopher Hellenstierna

    21 dag sedan

    Rick! I thought you really liked the Ben Hogan....or? :-)

  78. jgrywacheski


    21 dag sedan

    11:50 could not figure out why the door looked so wierd..... then realized it was a mirror.

  79. lee demetriou

    lee demetriou

    21 dag sedan

    you need go back and get pingman :)

  80. lee demetriou

    lee demetriou

    21 dag sedan

    im around a 20 handicap, and this year i got a blade you may gasp but i still think they are forgiving enough

  81. lee demetriou

    lee demetriou

    21 dag sedan

    im not sure any human reveiw could be acurate due to human error is there room for testing with like a robot arm thingy m bobs i think thats the only way to pure test otherwise its a phscological isse remember the days you got new trainers and said they make you run faster, :) i still think your a sound guy Rick thes clubs are also for a select few at the price

  82. Scott Butler

    Scott Butler

    21 dag sedan

    Rick i think the Ping i59 do not suit your swing . Better of if you send them to me

  83. Dan Jeory

    Dan Jeory

    21 dag sedan

    Hits a good shot: These clubs are great. Hits a bad shot: These clubs aren't forgiving enough

  84. david bradley

    david bradley

    21 dag sedan

    if you were a good player i could understand you slagging off the iron but you are not

  85. Joose Dotson

    Joose Dotson

    21 dag sedan

    I been playing Mizuno MP-H4's for a couple of years. Older set but they go miles, I can shape them, and nothing beats the Mizuno feel when struck in the middle.

  86. lazer Pug

    lazer Pug

    21 dag sedan

    Ridiculous price for irons

  87. Jason Bartlett

    Jason Bartlett

    21 dag sedan

    Have you tested the Srixon ZX7 and ZX5 irons?

  88. Jeffrey Roberts

    Jeffrey Roberts

    21 dag sedan

    What do they say?!’s not the club, it’s the person holding them!!!!!

  89. golfrichardvc


    21 dag sedan

    A club fitter wouldn't let you near these !! You should be using irons suited to you and not the other way round surely ?

  90. PyroMichael19


    21 dag sedan

    Hey Rick great video you should do the New PXG driver that’s coming out soon ⛳️

  91. taistyveg


    21 dag sedan

    I’ve still got a set of the S59’s. Great irons but gave my a similar result.

  92. Mark Bennett

    Mark Bennett

    21 dag sedan

    Why dose it have to be a full set? Yes you see people use different wedges but if you hit 9,8,7 great with one brand but 6,5,4,3 with a different brand why not mix them up? I struggle hitting my low irons so opted for hybrid and fairway woods can you do some videos on them please ?



    21 dag sedan

    Rickkk have you heard of itobori irons!?! Please give them a try my friend just got a set and it feels pretty awesome.

  94. Kevin Shiel

    Kevin Shiel

    21 dag sedan

    Love the looks and lofts of these clubs, would def put them in my bag if I had loads of money lying around 😜

  95. RWL de Bruijn

    RWL de Bruijn

    21 dag sedan

    Not until your swing is robotically consistent can you really test clubs. New clubs, bad day... Old clubs, good day...

  96. Random Boyz

    Random Boyz

    21 dag sedan

    Hi rick there is a scamer online with the the same profile and name as you

  97. Danny


    21 dag sedan

    12:10 Mark Crossfield appearance

  98. Joshua Greer

    Joshua Greer

    21 dag sedan

    Curious, were you fitted for either set?

  99. Eric Fletcher

    Eric Fletcher

    21 dag sedan

    hi Rick , love the channel, always informative and entertaining. Regarding the Ping i59 irons, those mid and short irons were not the fault of the clubs, when your swing path results in a hard draw or a pull draw, THERE IS NO IRON THAT EXISTS THAT WILL COMPENSATE FOR IT. That is the fault of your swing if you make a swing with a nice path and hit the ball off center then that is when the forgiveness will help you. Don't blame a great iron for a poor swing path, Ping i59's are not going to be a very forgiving club, but certainly more forgiving than a traditional blade. When you made good swings they performed amazing with great feel and trajectory. You know that your normal miss with any club is hard draw or a pull draw. Best of luck with your decision and keep the great videos coming...i never miss one. Cheers from Canada

  100. Matt's Channel

    Matt's Channel

    21 dag sedan

    I think all of us golfers are looking for more firgiveness.