TaylorMade’s new driver - is it POINTLESS?


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  1. Mike the Whizz

    Mike the Whizz

    4 dagar sedan

    Wow. Taylormade invented a 2 Wood.

  2. Jacob Stacy

    Jacob Stacy

    7 dagar sedan

    I got old Taylor made mini driver from 2001

  3. Luke Fisher

    Luke Fisher

    9 dagar sedan

    I've done better with smaller headed drivers. I'm no pro. I can hit a 460 cc driver 260-270, but who knows where its ending up. I can hit my current early 2000s 300 something cc driver within fairway 250-260 yards. I like your vids Rick, but this one may stink for you yet great for me. LoL. I can take that driver off your hands if its collecting dust...

  4. DP Dutcher

    DP Dutcher

    9 dagar sedan

    Stay honest.

  5. Michael Wright

    Michael Wright

    9 dagar sedan

    Should have done this review with someone who struggles with their driver

  6. nyydk42


    12 dagar sedan

    Rick used the stock shaft, which is probably a bad fit for his swing. (Almost definitely too much spin) I’m only a couple rounds in with mine. I don’t expect miracles but value it for near driver loft, near 3 wood length configuration.

  7. yUmaRouS


    14 dagar sedan

    Some golfers get yippy with the driver as they are over sensitive with their hands and while the modern driver head is all about how high the MOI is and how low back the CG is. Heads with higher MOIs tend to be less manipulative during the swing with the face so they over react to closing or opening the face hence why modern players just keep the face shut through out the swing and hang on. Smaller heads have lower MOIs so it like a blade in a putter. If you have good hands you putt better and if you don't you're better off with something like a spider. I think that is why an excellent ball striker like Stenson is more comfortable compared to a driver for his 3wood. He has such good hands that he can control launch and spin to hit it +300y or land it soft from 270y as a 3 wood head size and MOI allows him to have full control of the face and how the head reacts at impact.

  8. Jblaze 4201

    Jblaze 4201

    15 dagar sedan

    It's a super strong 3 wood there fixed it for you Taylor made Edit: 2 wood

  9. Ben Blakemore

    Ben Blakemore

    15 dagar sedan


  10. S Roy

    S Roy

    18 dagar sedan

    I've played every iteration of mini driver released in the last 10 years (Cobra Long Tom 2 wood, SLDR Mini, AeroBurner Mini, Callaway Bertha 1.5 Mini, Taylormade Original One) and this is the only one that actually feels like an undersized driver as opposed to an oversized fairway wood. This thing is a low-spinning, high launching, fairway finding monster off a short tee. I will admit that hitting it cleanly off the deck is almost impossible, but I have other clubs for that.

  11. Dan kool

    Dan kool

    19 dagar sedan

    It’s not the club, it’s the player..

  12. aimeagle


    19 dagar sedan

    Glad to see that you feel the same way me with this club. I am not up on the latest and greatest clubs. In fact, I just saw these mini drivers for the first time today. My first thought was it is pointless to even have it. Supposedly for people that "struggle with driver" 😆. So give those folks a smaller "target" and see lol. Have you ever reviewed clubs and hated them so much you didn't review them lol?

  13. Bobby Renger

    Bobby Renger

    25 dagar sedan

    The ill-fated crush meteorologically moor because thailand aerobically yawn between a majestic self. abundant, erect geranium

  14. ilov3ohio2002


    25 dagar sedan

    What is the shaft length? Most AM golfers probably get the mini driver and hit it straight just because the shaft length is 44in instead of 46in.

  15. Tl Chen

    Tl Chen

    Månad sedan

    Rick, you missed the point. The 300 Mini Driver is target for golfer that can't handle Big, 460cc Driver for whatever reason. It is shorter, lighter and I find it much easy to swing. Believe me, it suit me much better than a giant size 460cc Driver head. Off the deck - how many golfers can really hit 3 wood off the deck, let along driver(Mini)? Forget about this selling point that TaylorMade is trying to market. You can't hit it off the deck, may be because you are not good enough or not train to use this equipment yet. It is not pointless, just that you are not good at it and try to proof that it is pointless to use it Off The Deck

  16. Stefano Maniscalchi

    Stefano Maniscalchi

    Månad sedan

    What I appreciate of Rick is that he gives also negative reviews as in this case.Not like so many of his colleagues who are.....sponsored by the golf manufactures

  17. wayne ding

    wayne ding

    Månad sedan

    as a high handicapper, my first time using this club on the course got 4 strokes deducted in 9 holes

  18. Cade Holder

    Cade Holder

    Månad sedan

    Hard to test a product when you're just kinda bad

  19. David Bundy

    David Bundy

    Månad sedan

    What club would it replace?

  20. Debkumar Sarkar

    Debkumar Sarkar

    Månad sedan

    The biggest difference is the shaft length. For higher handicap players or those who struggle with driver but are decent with a 3W this might provide some help by being longer than their 3W but give a tighter dispersion than a regular driver. This is probably a small niche though.

  21. saucy nonchalance

    saucy nonchalance

    Månad sedan

    so he blames his mishits and hooks on the club??

  22. Alex S

    Alex S

    Månad sedan

    I usually enjoy Rick's videos and think his feedback is worth listening to, but he sounds like an elitist prick talking about this club. I bought the club because I got tired of hitting my second shot from the rough. This thing is so easy to hit off a tee and it's become rare that I don't find the green any more. But I guess if you're a golf pro you wouldn't have use for this.....er, unless you're Phil. Last thing, this thing is selling well for TaylorMade, so there's obviously plenty of people who do bag it. It's obviously good enough for the average golfer: se-one.info/cycle/iZ17hKqBlbB7fMw/video

  23. Derek Garduque

    Derek Garduque

    Månad sedan

    this review is shit. reminds me of England's penalty kicks in Euros

  24. F Willis

    F Willis

    Månad sedan

    Actually thought the Aero Burner and SLDR mini's were very good clubs. Honestly, most of us never get everything out of all the innovations in driver development anyway. No fault on the makers, they sell what sells.

  25. kb goon

    kb goon

    Månad sedan

    Disagree. It's pointless for you because it does match your swing. For many others like whom struggled with the driver, the mini is a savior.

  26. onespeed


    Månad sedan

    Should've cranked the loft to 15.5*, might be magic.

  27. Bcharger06


    Månad sedan

    Thank you, you saved me some money. Wished I could have done the same after buying Taylormade Gapr that was throwing money away.

  28. R. F. Robles

    R. F. Robles

    Månad sedan

    13.5 spoon is a better fit for me. Shallower face, more control from the shorter length.

  29. D R

    D R

    Månad sedan

    Is this not just a long 3 wood? I don't hit my 3 wood off the floor so i prefer a deep faced 3 wood. Taylormade are just selling a 3 wood at driver prices, let's be honest.

  30. John Miller

    John Miller

    Månad sedan

    So basically, it's a 2 wood.

  31. Trage


    Månad sedan

    I actually hit smaller drivers better for some reason, and I’m not sure why.

  32. Alex Leutz

    Alex Leutz

    Månad sedan

    Bombtech wedge review

  33. Ross


    Månad sedan

    hey Rick, have you thought about bringing a high handicap to try out and review your clubs with you? It would be good to see how some of these clubs perform across different handicaps, particularly the clubs that claim "greater forgiveness" or anything that claims to be better! (on another note, I would be happy to volunteer my services for this!) Great channel and keep up the good work!

  34. Just another guy with a mustache

    Just another guy with a mustache

    Månad sedan

    I love the mini driver. I hit most fairways instead of missing most.

  35. Stephen Dorrity

    Stephen Dorrity

    Månad sedan

    Sorry I think my comment was taken down for being a bit too risque! I won't mention golf appendage sizes or make jokes or have a sense of humour to get my point across this time. Rick is a good golfer and can boom his driver 300+ down the middle. I'm an 18 handicapper and my drives go 250 and are a danger to birds and squirrels in the trees. I am sick of being a danger to the lovely wildlife on the golf course and investing in this club will pay for its self in lost golf balls. I think he needs to appreciate who this club is aimed at before reviewing it.

  36. puttputt524


    Månad sedan

    I know 1 guy who has a mental block about hitting driver. I gave him an original Big Bertha 2 wood and it was a major improvement over the 3 wood he used for 10 years. I think it’s all crap though. He and guys like that should just hit the range with a modern driver.

  37. bigdaddio1959


    Månad sedan

    I have the original SLDR S mini-driver. Much smaller at 260cc. When the TaylorMade rep first handed it to me on the range, I had the same "why" reaction that you had. After hitting it a bunch, I then realized it was useful to put in in the bag for certain courses. I could hit more controlled draws and fades. I swapped it out for my regular 3 wood when needed.

  38. TheStallion234


    Månad sedan

    Wouldn’t it have been a better test to compare to your driver head to head? Just to compensate for any swing strengths or weaknesses on that same day

  39. teflon onteflon

    teflon onteflon

    Månad sedan

    Unless you do the test compared to your 3 wood and Driver it doesn't really mean anything. On the par 4 we need to see where the clubs in your bag land then we can make a comparison. You complained about not hitting the green from 255yds. How often are you on the green from 255 with the clubs in your bag now?

  40. HillbillyJedi88


    Månad sedan

    The real solution is to by an adjustable 3 wood and lower the loft. I'm a TM guy myself but this is just a gimmick is all.

  41. Rob D

    Rob D

    Månad sedan

    I think this club is geared more to the nut cases like me who likes to hit driver off the deck

  42. StarUP Gaming

    StarUP Gaming

    Månad sedan

    Maybe for a junior player?

  43. วรนันท์ แสนยายนต์

    วรนันท์ แสนยายนต์

    Månad sedan

    Wow that's so mean

  44. Peter Johnston

    Peter Johnston

    Månad sedan

    Rick, I disagree, I own the 11.5 and use it on most of the par 4’s on my home courses. I use my full driver on the wider fairway par 4’s and 5’s. I also use it on the fairway occasionally, it’s a great chaser and excellent at wind beating. Shorter shaft and smaller head actually make me more confident with it. Horses for courses, but I like it a lot.

  45. MMI Golf Tennessee

    MMI Golf Tennessee

    Månad sedan

    Got two in my bag, one is my three wood the other is my driver, fairway eaters. You will either love it or hate it no in between. Most solid club I have every hit period.

  46. Tom O'Hara

    Tom O'Hara

    Månad sedan

    It's a 2 wood. Not a bad thing. Would be nice if they would just label it as such.

  47. Tekniques206


    Månad sedan

    This driver looks promising, id prefer a smaller head like my hybrids over any woods. The accuracy over distance is all I want.

  48. Boo Berry

    Boo Berry

    Månad sedan

    That low launch may have a lot to do with the combination of the shaft and your swing profile. You can't measure that effective loft in a vacuum. Plus, stock shafts usually just plain suck regardless of kick point, weight, and flex.

  49. Boo Berry

    Boo Berry

    Månad sedan

    I had one of the old 300's and loved it!

  50. MahanFan1


    Månad sedan

    Ugh! It's just painful to watch these videos. Such a negative personality. Love the way TXG does their reviews and they're not this bitter and sensationalistic. You used to be OK like 5 years ago. This whole extreme views polarizing persona is just so off-putting.

  51. Ryan Joe

    Ryan Joe

    Månad sedan

    You only hit the 11.5 setting 5 yards further on carry, should have put it back to 13.5 then tried it off the ground. Didn’t give it a fair shake in my opinion.

  52. Kim Gallagher

    Kim Gallagher

    Månad sedan

    I don't think it is pointless, there are some guys who are members at shortish golf courses. Where par fours are 370 - 400 yards. These guys might not be the most accurate drivers of the golf ball. This club could be a club for them. It has the ability to help some people in the market

  53. Jon M

    Jon M

    Månad sedan

    Don't worry Rick, just wait another 5-6 months and TM will replace it.

  54. Jack Vliet

    Jack Vliet

    Månad sedan

    When your mind is already made up, the review is already over.

  55. Alan Jay

    Alan Jay

    Månad sedan

    I think TailorMade is targeting mainly seniors like me who can still play reasonably well but struggle with large headed drivers. Definitely not made for guys like Rick who are younger and can hit the large driver consistently. They'll sell a million of these and one to me.

  56. A B

    A B

    Månad sedan

    Yup thats kind of what i though.

  57. ryan g

    ryan g

    Månad sedan

    Talk to Phil Mickelson

  58. Bert Donaldson

    Bert Donaldson

    Månad sedan

    I have watched several of the videos from this person. I have never seen someone so in love with themselves. Hits shots on a simulator. Then gets so excited about good he hit the ball. I couldn’t play 18 with this ass. It wouldn’t be 2 holes in before telling him to shut the F up.

  59. Scolopente


    Månad sedan

    I often hit my Rogue driver off the deck. Works fine!

  60. Jared Hochstetler

    Jared Hochstetler

    Månad sedan

    Rick getting hammered here... but I actually agree with him in a way. For all you who hit it better than driver, its a 2 wood. It can basically be replaced with the 3 you've already got in your bag.

  61. Austin Meehan

    Austin Meehan

    Månad sedan

    Tested this on the simulator and I will not be buying it. Was hitting the 11.5 degree head way too low.

  62. Kurt Nichols

    Kurt Nichols

    Månad sedan

    Bottom line - I HATE the enormous 460cc drivers. I don't care how light they are - it makes me feel like I'm swinging a VW Bug around at the end of a bullwhip. I never felt comfortable graduating from the smaller head/shorter shaft drivers of old, so TM is trying to market directly to me. Plus - no way I'm ever trying to hit a driver off the deck. I'm not playing for the Claret Jug here.

    • Alan Jay

      Alan Jay

      Månad sedan

      LOL. My thoughts exactly!

  63. AKMusic Productions

    AKMusic Productions

    Månad sedan

    Phil Mickelson started the “Mini Driver” craze… he said it’s basically just a 2-Wood for specific courses that he uses off the tee instead of full driver…

  64. Billy Edment

    Billy Edment

    Månad sedan

    just an old school r5 12degree in disguise

  65. paul crompton

    paul crompton

    Månad sedan

    It’s just a strong 3 wood. I saw this in the pro shop yesterday and thought why would anyone want to go back to a twenty year old driver ?

  66. Henning Göbel

    Henning Göbel

    Månad sedan

    Better to use a 3 wood more often and from the tee than buying another club - which then does the same! Actually found an old youtube vid. Is RS a converted leftie? golf-info-guide.com/golf-tips/left-handed-golf-video-tips/left-handed-golf-tip-help-me-fix-stop-my-golf-slice/

  67. Jack James

    Jack James

    Månad sedan

    But I really wanted to waste money on this just for fun. Saved me some cash, thanks Rick. Only Phil could use this club well.

  68. A S

    A S

    Månad sedan

    8:38- just proves you didn’t want to like this club. So if I had that club in my Bag would I not crank it up to 14degree to use of the fairway ?? You point of it being unfair was a unfair and unrealistic expectation on u to be able to hit 11degress of the deck u dumb prick. So you actual test is pointless!! IMO, what a shit review. “A little fade is what I need” Most fkin shot draw u the worse plus handicap ever

  69. Kyle Young

    Kyle Young

    Månad sedan

    So it’s marketed to people that can’t hit a normal driver yet also marketed to the same people as being playable off the deck? Makes no sense.

  70. Scott Weber

    Scott Weber

    Månad sedan

    so basically what this is telling me is that I should break out my old taylormade 300ti drive from I don't remember what year?

  71. Exhbt


    Månad sedan

    I play off 22. 70% of the time I can’t control driver. Left right left right. But with my 3 wood it’s a slight draw that I hit 200 metres and ends up as far as my driver but in the fairway… I demod one of these mini drivers and it was 100% better then a regular driver for me

  72. Nick Topinoplus

    Nick Topinoplus

    Månad sedan

    I loved Minnie Driver in "Good Will Hunting."

  73. Renegade Shep loves his M-6 Carnifex Hand Cannon

    Renegade Shep loves his M-6 Carnifex Hand Cannon

    Månad sedan

    In other words, it's a 3 wood.

    • Moe Syzlak

      Moe Syzlak

      Månad sedan

      Twice the size of a 3 wood and longer too.

  74. mrgerrytube


    Månad sedan

    and if you recall, Rick loved the TM SDLR Mini Driver back in 2014. I still have one. It's an easy to hit driver. Finds fairways. Is that not the point?

  75. Christopher Pompilio

    Christopher Pompilio

    Månad sedan

    Would have been great to see the numbers on GCQuad. Regarding the shorter distance than expected, is that due to ball speed lower than expected or spin too high? With the stock shaft, maybe that's too high spin of a shaft and causing the distance to suffer.

  76. Tripp Goldsberry

    Tripp Goldsberry

    Månad sedan

    We don't even get to see the GC Quad data? An interesting review would have taken driver, dialed the loft up to as close to 11.5 as you could get and then hit 10 or 20 shots with that club, then 10 or 20 shots with the Taylormade Mini, and then 10 or 20 shots with a Taylormade Rocket 3 dialed down to 11.5 degrees. But again, not even the Quad GC data for what you did hit? We get that you didn't like the club, but show us the details of your strikes. Were you not getting the carry you expected because the way this club fit you meant you were hitting higher on the face, getting higher spin and hitting ballon shots? Or was it because the shorter shaft length was costing you a lot of clubhead speed? This review amounted to little more than the conclusion "I didn't like it."And to declare the club "pointless" months after Mickelson made headlines for using an original mini driver for a certain tournament seems like folly. Not to mention that a club that might be totally inappropriate for one course might be a perfect fit at another course.

  77. John Bianchina

    John Bianchina

    Månad sedan

    Love your channel and the way you present. However, I think if you start a video with any bias i.e. "is this club pointless", then you are not testing the club for what is is, but rather for what you think it is. Keep up the great work and ignore my rant.

    • Moe Syzlak

      Moe Syzlak

      Månad sedan

      He shouldn't ignore, you are correct. People are here to be informed & he didn't do it.

  78. Evan Davidson

    Evan Davidson

    Månad sedan

    I wish I could hit a draw like he does....

  79. 08jag80


    Månad sedan

    Lower drag less frontal area.

  80. Peter Karceski

    Peter Karceski

    Månad sedan

    Try the Titleist 975F...

  81. Clint van Zyl

    Clint van Zyl

    Månad sedan

    #RickShielsGolf I'm a +3 handicap golfer and have no issue hitting a driver. That said though I do not like the feel of modern drivers, they feel like you're swinging a helium balloon and feel vague. I grew up learning to play the last of the peraimmon woods and loved the early Titleist drivers, 975LFE etc. This driver reminds me of those older sized drivers and so I went to the local shop to try one out. I dropped it down to 9 5degrees and was hitting it with a stiff shaft, I should be using an X Stiff but it's all that was available. The spin was a bit high but I was still getting a little over 300 yards consistently and bullet straight. What note coykd you ask for? Does that sound pointless to you? PS: I also only play a half set of irons because it forces me to play different shots.

  82. Alan Dunwell

    Alan Dunwell

    Månad sedan

    Big night last night Mr B? Looked abit rough on that first tee box lol

  83. Dan Leonard

    Dan Leonard

    Månad sedan

    It’s a strong 3 wood. Not totally pointless.

  84. Anthony Dao

    Anthony Dao

    Månad sedan

    I play the 11.5 degree head at 9.5. Roughly 270 carry for me and I hit way more fairways, definitely a useful tool in the bag.

  85. Eduard I

    Eduard I

    Månad sedan

    I actually really liked the SLDR mini driver. Had way more control of the tee, but unfortunately it wasn’t much longer than my 3 wood

  86. L. Gyger

    L. Gyger

    Månad sedan

    Absolutely pointless...

  87. Chet Klapprodt

    Chet Klapprodt

    Månad sedan


  88. Chris I

    Chris I

    Månad sedan

    I carry the Aeroburner version, fits the gap between driver and 5 wood. Beside getting used for doglegs where driver will run through the fairway, its got a draw bias, so helpful when there's trouble on the right. I'd be surprised if this version is way better than previous versions so I'd recommend looking for an older (less costly) model to try.

  89. Ray Arlan

    Ray Arlan

    Månad sedan

    Hireko golf sales a 13 degree mini driver and you can hit if off the deck, It is nonadjustable. You can purchase just the head. Very good price and I like mine.

  90. Robert Huylo

    Robert Huylo

    Månad sedan

    Like it in place of driver

  91. Erik Johnson

    Erik Johnson

    Månad sedan

    It is pointless to release a new driver more than once every 5 years...except from a sales point of view, of course. Odd how many golf gurus that constantly talks about the newest clubs, though. It is almost as if they are as deceiving as the producers?...

  92. Peder Jensen

    Peder Jensen

    Månad sedan

    Every year the same from the suppliers - 10 more yards - so in 10 years I can hit 100 yards longer with the new driver, as every year gives 10 yards extra

  93. Rob


    Månad sedan

    The taylormade company are marketing genius’s by coming out with this around Phil’s mini driver use at the pga. Coincidence or do they have a time machine? On the Other note, seems like rick don’t strike the ball like he use to?

  94. Joe Cousins

    Joe Cousins

    Månad sedan

    When you told us your average driver carry it would have been nice to know your average 3 wood carry off a tee too. Most people putting this in the bag won’t be doing it for more control on a driver, they’ll do it because they have no driver control and normally tee off with a 3 wood.

    • Moe Syzlak

      Moe Syzlak

      Månad sedan

      That would ruin one of the preconceived ideas he had about it. He didn't want the club to succeed.

  95. Don Wongjohnson

    Don Wongjohnson

    Månad sedan

    Tm drivers are nice. As long as you hit the middle every time. Other than that, they are a bs company. I get 50% tm products and don’t use them because I hate all the nonsense they fool you with

  96. Josh Specketer

    Josh Specketer

    Månad sedan

    What’s the point of doing a review when your mind was already made up prior to doing it? You were negative on the club from start to finish, that’s not how a person fairly review clubs. You simply went through the motions on this one, be better!

  97. j p

    j p

    Månad sedan

    Any tm staff using this , nope enough said

  98. Freek Bovenberg

    Freek Bovenberg

    Månad sedan

    Having Rick shields for a dad means basically having every new club ever in ur bag

  99. Red On Sundays

    Red On Sundays

    Månad sedan

    this is definitely a niche product. I have some friends who often play with a 7 or 8 club set and loved the last mini driver from TM because they're pretty good with it off the deck, and the've both ordered this one. When I tested it on Trackman, I found I only lost about 10 yards of carry distance but my dispersion tightened a little bit, although I couldn't get the ball flight I liked from it. I'm thinking about ordering one and testing it one the course, and I can sell it if it's not working.

  100. BCD Golf

    BCD Golf

    Månad sedan

    I have the Original One mini and I usually only put it in the bag when I am playing a very narrow course where I need a consistent 250 yd shot off the tee. Definitely not as long as my driver, but it comes out with way less spin than my 3-wood, which makes it a good driver replacement when I need it. Off the deck...never.