One BIG problem with these golf clubs!

One BIG problem with these golf clubs!

PGA GOLF PRO Rick Shiels tests the new Ping Glide Pro wedges

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Hi I’m Rick Shiels, welcome to my channel RickShielsPGAGolf. This SE-one channel is designed to help you play better golf, also to help you enjoy your golf more!

I specialise in golf club reviews, golf club unboxing, golf club news, golf club head to heads, and all about golf clubs.

I also want to make you play better golf by providing coaching video on all topics about golf, how to fix your slice, fix your hook, help you drive the golf ball longer, hit your irons more pure, hit your irons closer to the hole and help you draw and fade your golf shots.
I will also help you lower your score by chipping better by stopping you duff and thin chips, pitch the ball closer and also create backspin. Also I will provide you help to putt better and hole more putts!

On this channel I also make fun and entertaining golf content based on crazy and sometimes “gimmicky” golf clubs. I like to cut through the marketing hype about products and I like to give you the honest truth about golf equipment.

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  1. Christopher Differ

    Christopher Differ

    14 dagar sedan

    60euro for 3x CG16 Cleveland wedges... so I have the best clubs in the world. 48. 54. 60. Gotta love ebay.

  2. Mr. Sheepdog inc.

    Mr. Sheepdog inc.

    16 dagar sedan

    Wait for the milled grind 3s

  3. XxChristmanXx04


    16 dagar sedan

    My guys is going to be all ping by the end of the year

  4. David Conlon

    David Conlon

    17 dagar sedan

    Artisan wedges. £350 per wedge. From the old Nike Oven.

  5. Christopher Burchfield

    Christopher Burchfield

    17 dagar sedan

    Come to California and give me golf lessons.

  6. rochelle stanley

    rochelle stanley

    21 dag sedan

    Go Mizuno 💎

  7. CapturesByGabe


    22 dagar sedan

    Rick I need a video on how to hit gap wedges 52,56,58,60 degree clubs. I have been able to hit my PW, SW mostly clean but when I get to my 52 and 58 I thin or top the ball almost every time. any advice?

  8. Arthas Menethil

    Arthas Menethil

    22 dagar sedan

    Me an American every time Rick says hes got 200-600 pound in his one hand. "Rick strong"

  9. Reavx


    23 dagar sedan

    I love my Taylormade Hi-toes to death, absolutely fantastic wedges.

  10. Peter Gallagher

    Peter Gallagher

    23 dagar sedan

    Cobra pur wedges are great.

  11. Kyle Didur

    Kyle Didur

    23 dagar sedan

    that pricing is outrageous

  12. Blake Daniel

    Blake Daniel

    24 dagar sedan

    Review the new Taylormade MG3 wedges please!!

  13. Paul Harrison

    Paul Harrison

    24 dagar sedan

    The lack of forgiveness on full shots is why I play an i210 Gap wedge (50-degree U-wedge in Ping speak).

  14. Marc Green

    Marc Green

    24 dagar sedan

    I don't think you Mentioned your in the Market for some new Wedges!! 🤣 Hellllo is there anybody out there?? Just Nod if you can here me!! Love the Chanel and Vids

  15. olliedelacloche


    24 dagar sedan

    Hey mate what was the website with the clubs on you showed at the beginning of the vid?

  16. ZstarTD


    24 dagar sedan

    could you do some mg3 and jaws wedge review that would be amazing im trying to get some new wgs rn i have some mg1s

  17. John Klein

    John Klein

    25 dagar sedan

    Two things: 1: Never heard Rick bleep 🤬 like that. 😂 2: Love the addition of the drone so we can see the ball landing spots much better. Good add Rick! 👍

  18. JIMMY Evans

    JIMMY Evans

    25 dagar sedan

    Have the names “Gap” (50) “Sand” (54) & “Lob” (58) gone the way of Brassie, Spoon etc?

  19. Thomas Clayson

    Thomas Clayson

    25 dagar sedan

    Great review rick, great looking wedges. Love the content🤩🤩🤩

  20. David Tomsett

    David Tomsett

    25 dagar sedan

    Rick, why don’t you do a review of golf gloves. You could do a review of both all leather and then all weather types.

  21. David Tomsett

    David Tomsett

    25 dagar sedan

    I use a Cleveland SmartSole 60 deg. Lob wedge, superb and my ancient forged wedge with the old style tortoiseshell shaft - which is a keeper, I have chipped in so many times with that club.

  22. Ian Parry

    Ian Parry

    25 dagar sedan

    Mg3 look lovely

  23. m8a


    25 dagar sedan

    Looking good. The shot to hit though that not every club can do the same or well is the lob shot. I would have like to see that kind of shot.

  24. Beazle00


    25 dagar sedan

    This guy is the definitive example of a SE-one golfer. Decent ball striker with longer clubs but absolutely useless on and around the green.

  25. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas

    25 dagar sedan

    Rick: You still decelerate the club around the green--chips, pitches, and especially sand shot. Get that clubhead moving!

  26. Callum sarney

    Callum sarney

    26 dagar sedan

    can you do a review on the new Taylor made milled grind 3 when released

  27. Stuart Ingram

    Stuart Ingram

    26 dagar sedan

    200 quid a wedge is utterly ridiculous.

  28. JJ


    26 dagar sedan

    6:19 been there 😂😂

  29. Dave Karnowski

    Dave Karnowski

    26 dagar sedan

    Good Raking, caddie could be in your future!

  30. Dave Karnowski

    Dave Karnowski

    26 dagar sedan

    (6:14) RIck: "hahah that was terrible" me: " hell yea I'm out!"

  31. ExTrumpet


    26 dagar sedan

    If I keep hitting it in the traps, I don't need new wedges...jus' sayin'...

  32. Keith Hodson

    Keith Hodson

    26 dagar sedan

    Very honest

  33. John Bunch

    John Bunch

    26 dagar sedan

    one of my favorite and first youtube channel i subscribed too just want to say hi hope you and your family are doing well, May God continue to bless you and thank you for entetaining with this wonderful game

  34. Joseph Patamisi

    Joseph Patamisi

    26 dagar sedan

    Don’t waste your time. Just get titleist sm8’s

  35. Jaber345


    26 dagar sedan

    Thanks Rick. Can you explain the different types of grind on wedges?

  36. Paul McGee

    Paul McGee

    26 dagar sedan

    Guessing forged wedges don’t last as long

  37. Neil Taylor

    Neil Taylor

    26 dagar sedan

    They look beautiful wedges but for £200 a club they can stay at the shop they for the tour players only.

  38. zamri cheabdullah

    zamri cheabdullah

    26 dagar sedan

    Rick....r u goin' Bryson? clearly some xtra ell-bi-ess there....😬

  39. Carl Southward

    Carl Southward

    26 dagar sedan

    The biggest problem is they cost £200

  40. Tiger Woodard

    Tiger Woodard

    26 dagar sedan

    6:19 and 7:35 language Mr Shiels. Great video with beautiful wedges at a gorgeous location. Keep up the good work. God bless you sir

  41. Andrew Wolf

    Andrew Wolf

    26 dagar sedan

    My Bettinardi wedges were 190 dollars a piece and while I am still obsessed with the look, and the feel on Par 3s or 100 yard shots , I am really struggling with my chipping. I use to be that douche who would ask for the pin to be pulled when chipping and i had my Vokeys forever! Felt so confident with them , but these new ones I can’t get down distance control, they are so strong , also the 60 degree looks like a 70 degree to me and scares me lol

  42. Dino Wodini

    Dino Wodini

    26 dagar sedan

    Happy that you include the "everyman" shots. Human.

  43. Chris Belmontez

    Chris Belmontez

    26 dagar sedan

    Review the Wilson staff forged wedges please… that Tour grind in the LW looks so nice

  44. Kevin Wood

    Kevin Wood

    26 dagar sedan

    It’s total rubbish the prices charged for a club that really wears out the fastest, especially for the Pings.

  45. Ravatecu


    26 dagar sedan

    I love feelin like i'm up in da club when watching golf

  46. Adrian Bullaoit

    Adrian Bullaoit

    26 dagar sedan

    Do you typically have the same grind for all your wedges?

  47. Andrew Brent

    Andrew Brent

    26 dagar sedan

    Just curious... why not a 50 from the bunker?

  48. Alpha_Q_214


    26 dagar sedan

    So only being 1 min 30 in why is it that I see so many higher level golfers switching from the standard 52/56/60 to a 50/54/58 set? I know obviously distances in which they hit them are probably more to their liking but what other reasons are there? I can only think its to close the gap between the pitching wedge avg 45 deg and the gap wedge in this case 50 deg. Thoughts?

  49. Dale Persails

    Dale Persails

    26 dagar sedan

    Don’t really know of too many “pro” clubs that do offer much forgiveness

  50. MRydog5


    26 dagar sedan

    This might be the most relatable video from Rick yet.

  51. Nivlac Deens

    Nivlac Deens

    26 dagar sedan

    Can you please try the Callaway mavrik Max irons

  52. Marty


    26 dagar sedan

    Near 10 edited minutes and nothing in or even all that close to the hole. Rick makes me feel better about my game!

  53. Eric Calleja

    Eric Calleja

    26 dagar sedan

    Rick which watch face do you have on your Garmin (6:40 mark). Love the way it looks.

  54. Greg Barth jr

    Greg Barth jr

    26 dagar sedan

    Thank you for reviewing these. I have been wondering. Since you like the 54 and 58, you might want to combo them? Just a thought. Keep up the great work. Cheers!

  55. jeone frost

    jeone frost

    26 dagar sedan

    That transition was so clean!

  56. mike mcdermott

    mike mcdermott

    26 dagar sedan

    I hitting cleveland's!!!!

  57. Mousepotato P

    Mousepotato P

    26 dagar sedan

    Didn't Rick tryout the regular Ping Glide 2.0 wedges? He said they were too hard, but a lot of people say they're not hard. Plus, they are way more forgiving.

  58. Alsept1


    27 dagar sedan

    Voice sounds like he may have had a little too many pints 🍻

  59. Chuck Bunting

    Chuck Bunting

    27 dagar sedan

    I own 20 or 25 wedges from 46° to 65°. and still have found nothing that is better (for me) than my three sets of Ping Eye2 wedges, W, S, L, 50.5°, 57.5°, and 61°, all from the early/mid 1980's.

  60. Mishell gagnon

    Mishell gagnon

    27 dagar sedan

    600 POUNDS!!! For 3 wedges. Unbelievable. That's a rip-off..!

  61. Jack Anderson

    Jack Anderson

    27 dagar sedan

    Would like to see you review the inesis 100 half set of clubs

  62. Sindre Øyrås

    Sindre Øyrås

    27 dagar sedan

    Rick, are you in the market for some new wedges?

  63. Peter Chappell

    Peter Chappell

    27 dagar sedan

    Not worth the price!

  64. Waylon Blackie

    Waylon Blackie

    27 dagar sedan

    Maybe you can review the X-ACT chipper from Odyssey.

  65. Alessandra R

    Alessandra R

    27 dagar sedan


  66. Andrew Matlock

    Andrew Matlock

    27 dagar sedan

    Rake Shiels

  67. Nils Ae

    Nils Ae

    27 dagar sedan

    PXG Sugar Daddy are way more expensive :-D

  68. haznick


    27 dagar sedan

    This has definitely convinced me that buying a 58° to use as both a sand wedge and a greenside chipper instead of a 60° is a good idea! Not Ping though at these prices! Snakebite here I come!

  69. Coolbreeze0988


    27 dagar sedan

    The key to great bunker shots is to be a member at a club that can’t afford to maintain them 🤣

  70. Rob Jelley

    Rob Jelley

    27 dagar sedan

    Sorry but they’re never worth £200. No chance they’ll put perform any other decent wedge on the market. Not watching anymore of that sorry

  71. Boricua


    27 dagar sedan

    love the un edited bad shot. keep us real

  72. Davide Busato

    Davide Busato

    27 dagar sedan

    Don't know if could be interesting for other golfers, but could you do a test of the Arccos system? Went on their website but I found more information on another golf channel on YT, but I'd love to hear your opinion about it.

  73. kristian larsen

    kristian larsen

    27 dagar sedan

    Now every brand in the game is sending him wedges 😂

  74. Cmorep3


    27 dagar sedan

    I’m not even looking for wedges and I’m watching this video. I am very happy with my callaway MD5 jaws 52,56 and pm19 60. And I love them they are perfect for me

  75. Vishwa Chopra

    Vishwa Chopra

    27 dagar sedan

    Yo rickie, lemme get that fly xl cobra set, I’m using some super old top flites

  76. Rohit Rai

    Rohit Rai

    27 dagar sedan

    Love the video as always, I wish I could hit 50% of the shots you hit, excellent stuff!!!

  77. Manraj Randhawa

    Manraj Randhawa

    27 dagar sedan

    Love the RS logo on the mouth 😅🤣

  78. smasheddragon


    27 dagar sedan

    I love my Volkies

  79. Elis Green

    Elis Green

    27 dagar sedan

    Bring back 75

  80. Daniel Atherton

    Daniel Atherton

    27 dagar sedan

    $200 U.S. No thanks

  81. Mike Barton

    Mike Barton

    27 dagar sedan

    Uh, why spend $200 a piece on something that doesn't fit you 100%..... NEXT =>>>>

  82. Devin Anderson

    Devin Anderson

    27 dagar sedan

    So moral of the story keep the 58 and 56 and get more forgiving 52

  83. cz1mmt


    27 dagar sedan

    I have an older Ping Glide wedge. I use it to practice with. It has an aggressive SS bounce angle that has sent many a chip across the green. Practicing with it has greatly improved my short game.

  84. SilverfoxThe


    27 dagar sedan

    There’s gotta be a limit on what we’ll pay for equipment. These are nice sticks - there’s no doubt. Has that limit now been reached? I can’t see how people are going to buy these at this price.

  85. Poe LoL

    Poe LoL

    27 dagar sedan

    Long pants Rick is just built different💪🏻💪🏻

  86. RolliBoi


    27 dagar sedan

    For $200 I think they should be good all around so I would put them in my bag Rick. Keep up the good work mate!

  87. Richard Marseglia

    Richard Marseglia

    27 dagar sedan

    Good info Rick. Disappointed your not wearing your Ladies Open Hogan cap. You look very spiffy in it.

  88. Ben Weigelt

    Ben Weigelt

    27 dagar sedan

    Should try the mg 3 I know you got the mg 2 but I’ve been seeing how much of an improvement they are

  89. Rob 2477

    Rob 2477

    27 dagar sedan

    200 quid a club, are Ping fucking mad? Seriously we all know golf equipment can be expensive, even the second hand market is way over priced at the moment. But this kind of product only enforces that companies are way off the mark and out of touch trying to encourage new golfers to the game. Whoever is in the marketing department needs a square kick to the bollocks.

  90. beaney56


    27 dagar sedan

    The best wedges I've ever used and am still using are the stock pitching wedge and sand iron from my set of cobra t rail hybrid irons. Changed my game and they spin like the best of the best!

  91. Richard McCann

    Richard McCann

    27 dagar sedan

    The price point is ridiculous

  92. Golf break80

    Golf break80

    27 dagar sedan

    Cleveland cbx full face 58 and a cbx2 52 that’s all you need Rick 😉 open up a space at the top of the bag for two drivers 👍😂

  93. G


    27 dagar sedan

    hey rick can you do a review on the lagshot gimmicky practice club. love the content keep up the good work

  94. Tyler Floyd

    Tyler Floyd

    27 dagar sedan

    TRY THE BOMB TECH WEDGES!! Awesome family company, great customer service!!

  95. J H

    J H

    27 dagar sedan

    3:14 Butterfly

  96. Alex Koumarelas

    Alex Koumarelas

    27 dagar sedan

    Rick - if you want to test some super premium (and EVEN MORE EXPENSIVE) have a look at the Miura wedges…

  97. Nicolas Yeandle

    Nicolas Yeandle

    27 dagar sedan

    You can buy 200£ wedges, and still thin, there’s no secret

  98. stantos


    27 dagar sedan

    Did you know, Rick is in the market for new wedges? 😉😉

  99. rene van Osch

    rene van Osch

    27 dagar sedan

    What do you think of the golfpride mcc align grips?

  100. Joseph Leigh

    Joseph Leigh

    27 dagar sedan

    Agree Rick ,they look great ,,,but £200 a wedge ,phew!